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Monday, September 27, 2010

A Loser and A Winner

First the answers to frequently asked questions.

Why don't you run polls that are more favorable to democrats?
 Thats easy there are none.

Can't you do more to rally people behind the Obama agenda?
This is a little more difficult to answer.    You see, Vulnerable House Dems are declaring their independence from the party agenda.    Democrats are trying to distance themselves from the things they voted for and supported like health care legislation, extended unemployment benefits, new energy taxes and a repeal of the military's ban on gays serving openly.     Re-election for these folks is job one and if successful they may at a later date pick up the mantel of representing you.    In Virginias 2nd district Glenn Nye has rebranded himself as an independent voice in an attempt to protect his job.     These tactics will hurt Democratic turnout at a time when the party needs to protect its majority in Congress.     Nye defyed party leaders on leading issues such as health care because he thought it was in his best interest.    On Nov 2nd he'll get his answer.     I like you am one person with one vote and I spend mine with the democrats.     I volenteer and work for democrats but it is hard to stand up for people who are too cowardly to stand up for themselves.     In good times they ride the wave of democratic values and when times get rough they blow away like dry leaves in the October wind.    Yes I could do more, I'm not motivated.

Luckily for us we can concentrate on a brighter story and Tom Perriello is that different story.    Tom is the Congressman from Virginias 5th District and hard work should be his middle name.     Tom stands up for democratic values and fights every day for the people in the 5th district.     Below is a partial list of the things he supported and stood for.  

 Don't be fooled by republican tea party lies, Tom Perriello is a GREAT CONGRESSMAN.

Economic R.E.V.I.V.A.L.

I have fought to ensure that all hard-working Americans are guaranteed a living wage and secure retirement.    I believe that parents should have time to spend with their families instead of having to work multiple jobs just to put food on the table.    And I have been a vocal opponent of more bailouts for Wall Street at Main Street’s expense.     Here are some of the ways I have fought in Congress for economic fairness:

Relief for Small Businesses

Voted for the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, which included the largest middle-class tax cut in history, and has made significant investment in local schools, highways, and law enforcement – investments felt on Main Streets every day

Voted against releasing the second $350 billion of the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP), or the Wall Street bailout

Introduced a bill to give a tele-work tax credit to businesses who hire employees in small towns and rural communities who can work remotely

Co- sponsored H.R. 3457, the Small Business Credit Card Act of 2009, which would give small businesses the same protections that individuals received under the Credit Cardholders' Bill of Rights Act of 2009

Co-sponsored H.R. 4067, the Business Checking Fairness Act of 2009, which would repeal a law that prevents small businesses from earning interest on their business accounts

Energy Solutions

Voted for the American Clean Energy and Security Act, which will reduce carbon emissions, create new jobs in the clean energy economy, and reduce our dependence on foreign oil

Voted for the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, which provided the largest federal investment in clean energy technology to date

Convened a New Energy Summit and created a New Energy Blueprint as a roadmap for putting the 5th District at the forefront of the clean energy economy

Co-sponsored H.R. 1775, the Grants for Renewable Energy Education for the Nation (GREEN) Act.     The bill would provide support to develop career and technical education programs of study and facilities in the areas of renewable energy through a new competitive grant program

Co-sponsored H.R. 3083, the Investments for Manufacturing Progress and Clean Technology (IMPACT) Act of 2009, which would establish a program for the award of grants to states to establish revolving loan funds for small and medium-sized manufacturers to improve energy efficiency and produce clean energy technology

Co-sponsored H.R. 3919, the Clean Energy Business Zone Act.     The bill provides at least $1.2 billion in tax incentives for small businesses involved in clean energy technologies in specific zones designated by the Secretary of Energy, the Secretary of HUD, and the Secretary of Agriculture.     Target communities will be those most in need of revitalization and best positioned to establish vibrant, clean energy economies

Co-sponsored H.R. 4226, the Expanding Building Efficiency Incentives Act. Congressman Perriello was a Democratic lead on the introduction of this bipartisan energy efficiency bill.     The bill extends and expands five key energy efficiency incentives for the construction of a new home, retrofitting an existing one, upgrading commercial properties to conserve energy and cut energy costs, and assisting consumers seeking assessments of home energy usage.     The National Association of Home Builders is supportive of the bill.

Vocational Training and Strong Schools

Introduced a $2,500 tax credit for college and commuity college education that could apply to expenses like textbooks for the first time.     I’m proud to say this was the first bill I wrote that was passed into law as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

Introduced an amendment, which was passed into law, that would ensure disparities between urban and rural areas are addressed in early childhood education

Introduced a bill which would establish a national advisory committee on rural education within the Department of Education Infrastructure

Obtained $29.8 million of stimulus funds to pay for the Robertson Bridge project in Danville

Obtained $6.3 million for repairs to 17 bridges and culverts in Nelson county, as well as $6.8 million for repaving major roads in Charlottesville and Albemarle County

Directed $5.5 million in stimulus funds towards three bridge projects in Pittsylvania County and $200,000 for Danville’s transit system

Virginia Workers First

Supported the “Buy American” provisions in the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act

Fought against an unfair extension of unemployment benefits that would not benefit Virginia, forcing a change in legislation to extend unemployment benefits for all states and providing support for those in job transition

Continue to support a new direction on trade to support good paying manufacturing jobs

Voted to protect credit card holders from unfair practices of credit card companies


Introduced H.R. 4208, which would raise the estate tax exemption for the special use valuation of farmland to $3.5 billion

Co-sponsored H.R. 3674, the Milk Import Tariff Equity Act, which would update existing tariff- rate quotas to include milk protein concentrate (MPC) and protect domestic dairy farmers

Co-sponsored H.R. 3227, which would amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to permanently extend and expand the charitable deduction for contributions of food inventory

Co-sponsored H.R. 1831, the Conservation Easement Incentive Act of 2009, which would make permanent the enhanced tax deduction for land conservation easement donations

Co-sponsored H.R. 3050, the American Family Farm and Ranchland Protection Act, which would protect farmland by increasing the tax incentives for land subject to conservation easement


Posted all earmark requests online to promote transparency in the appropriations process

Original cosponsor of H.R. 2038, the Clean Law for Earmark Accountability Reform (CLEAR) Act, which would prohibit

House members from accepting campaign contributions from executives or lobbyists for businesses and then sponsoring earmarks for those entities in the same election cycle.

Supported posting legislation online at least 72 hours before a vote

Thursday, September 16, 2010

ACVDN Endorses Tom Perriello

The Republican Tea Party has told more lies about Tom Perriello than any other Congressman in the United States of America.

Who is this hardworking Congressman the dirty tricksters will tell any lie to defeat?
Tom Perriello is a Member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Virginia's 5th district.     He assumed office January 3, 2009.      Perriello was born October 9, 1974 and lived in Ivy, Virginia.      He is the Democratic congressman from the fifth district of Virginia.      The district includes much of Southside Virginia, and stretches north to Charlottesville.
Perriello is a lifelong resident of Ivy, a small unincorporated community west of Charlottesville.     However, he is listed in the House roll as "D-Charlottesville."      He attended Murray Elementary School, Meriwether Lewis Elementary School, Henley Middle School and Western Albemarle High School in the county school system, and then graduated from St. Anne's-Belfield School, a private school.      He earned B.A. (1996) and J.D. (2001) degrees at Yale University, where he also became a member of Scroll and Key.      He attained the rank of Eagle Scout in Boy Scout Troop 114 in Ivy, and was a legislative page in the Virginia House of Delegates.
From 2002-03, Perriello was Special Advisor to the international prosecutor of the Special Court for Sierra Leone, where he worked with child soldiers, amputees, and local pro-democracy groups, and helped to prosecute warlords.     He later became the Court's Spokesman and helped to indict Liberian dictator Charles Taylor, peacefully forcing him from power.     He has worked as a consultant to the International Center for Transitional Justice in Kosovo (2003), Darfur (2005), and Afghanistan (2007) where he worked on justice-based security strategies.     Perriello has also been a fellow at The Century Foundation and consultant to the National Council of Churches of Christ.     He helped to launch, Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good, and is a co-founder of and, an international on-line community of 3.3 million members, operating in 12 languages, dedicated to building a global response to "problems without borders" such as climate change.     He has also worked with the Rev. James Forbes on prophetic justice principles.

Perriello, a resident of Albemarle County, has spent much of his career working in West Africa and the Middle East to create strategies for sustainable peace, and he was involved in the peace processes that helped end the civil wars in Sierra Leone and Liberia.

U.S. Congress

During the 2009 legislative session, Perriello's first term in Congress, Periello voted for the stimulus bill, the American Clean Energy and Security Act, and the health care reform bill in March 2010.      In addition, he voted against the Unemployment Compensation Extension Act of 2009, because the bill extended unemployment benefits for only some states and excluded Virginia.

Foreign Policy

Perriello is a supporter of the War on Terror.     Although he has cast votes for the continuation of US military action in Afghanistan, he has also cosponsored legislation requiring U.S. President Barack Obama to submit an exit strategy for the end of combat operations in Afghanistan.      Perriello has also opposed removing the United States Armed Forces from Pakistan.

In 2010, Congressman Perriello voted in support of the defense bill, 2010 military appropriations and spending for combat operations.

Committee assignments

Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure

Subcommittee on Economic Development, Public Buildings and Emergency Management

Subcommittee on Water Resources and Environment

Subcommittee on Railroads, Pipelines, and Hazardous Materials

Committee on Veterans' Affairs

Subcommittee on Economic Opportunity

Subcommittee on Health

Electoral historyThe traditionally Democratic urban areas of the district gave Perriello significant margins over Goode.     While Goode won 13 of the 20 county-level jurisdictions in the district, Perriello won all but one independent city, Bedford which went for Goode by only 16 votes.      Ultimately, Perriello prevailed largely on the strength of a more than 25,000 vote margin in Charlottesville and surrounding Albemarle County. Perriello's performance showed the most dramatic improvements over past Democratic voting in the more conservative areas of the district hardest hit by decades of job loss and economic slowdown.      As a presidential candidate, Barack Obama also improved on past Democratic performance, but he ultimately lost this district by around 7,500 votes (2.5 percentage points).     For example, Perriello significantly outperformed Obama in the strongly conservative southwestern portion of the district (ironically, where Goode is from).     Perriello may also have been helped by coattails from atop the ticket, as Mark Warner won the district in a landslide with 65 percent of the vote.

United States House of Representatives elections in Virginia, District 5, 2008

In the 2008 election, Perriello launched a campaign based on conviction politics, achieving a surprise win over Republican incumbent Virgil Goode, a longtime figure in Virginia politics, after having trailed Goode in the polls by 32% only three months earlier. Goode had represented a large portion of the district for 38 years, including representing much of the southwest portion of the district in the Senate of Virginia prior to serving in Congress.

Virginia's 5th congressional district election, 2010

Perriello will face Republican State Senator Robert Hurt in the 2010 congressional elections.     On December 3, 2009, political commentator Stuart Rothenberg listed Perriello as one of the twelve most vulnerable incumbents in the House of Representatives up for reelection in 2010.      On September 10, 2010, statistician and analyst Nate Silver ranked Perriello as one of the most vulnerable incumbent running for re-election.

2010 Tea Party incident

The FBI is currently investigating an incident in which Perriello's brother's address was listed on a Tea Party movement website, mistakenly believed to be the congressman's address.    Mike Troxel, an organizer for the Lynchburg Tea Party (supported and sponsored by Congressman Bob Goodlatte, R- 6th CD, who published the Tea Party materials on a page of his website), posted the address on his blog, encouraging tea party activists to "drop by." A gas line to an outdoor barbecue grill was cut at the brother's house and is being treated as a threat to Perriello over his vote on healthcare reform during the 111th Congress.     Mike Troxel is a member of the Liberty University group of political dirty tricksters.

There is no stunt too low for the Republican Tea Party as they lie about the Congressmans record in an attempt to defeat him.     The only defense against this type of conduct is for the people to rise and reject this type of low life campaigining.      It is the accepted job of republicans and tea party members to lie to you but you get to decide on truth.     Don't allow these right wing nutjobs to pull the wool over your eyes.     You are the driving force behind our system of government and you get to make the decision.      America is a Great country and its problems are small and can be dealt with.     Adjustments can be made and fine tuning can take place to set the ship back on course.      When someone tells you you have to scrap the constitution and appoint instead of elect Senators and give money to the rich so the poor can get along a little better YOU ARE BEING LIED TO.      When republicans tell you social security must be ended and medicare must be phased out You are being lied to.     Tom Perriello is a hard working Congressman and a decent human being and more than deserving of your vote and another term in office.     Make it your mission to see that he is re-elected.

The Amherst County Democratic News is proud to endorse Tom Perriello.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Amherst County Democrats and The Mid-Terms

Amherst County Democratic Committee

To All Amherst County Democrats:

Dear Friends,

You've may have been wondering what's going on with Amherst Dems.    Here's an update:

The Committee will meet at Amherst CVCC, Tuesday 9/14, 7PM. Everyone is welcome.     It is especially important for Precinct Reps to attend (see list below).     Skipper Fitts, Vice Chair, will preside.

While we have no Democratic candidates on the ballot for November, we should lend our support to our neighbor, Tom Perriello, in the 5th CD.     The nature and extent of that support will be decided upon at the meeting next Tuesday.

Skipper has already been in touch with the Perriello campaign and they would welcome our support.     A possible collaboration with Nelson County Democrats will be discussed.

Reminder that the Garlic Festival will take place Saturday October 9th and Sunday October 10th, 10 AM to 5 PM rain, or shine. Volunteers are needed.

Some members have suggested that we have a social event this fall. There may be an opportunity to cosponsor this event with the Sweet Briar Young Democrats.    If so it could be held at the Elston Inn where we held events in 2008.    Guest speakers and other details will be discussed.

On a personal note, I have been dealing with some health issues these last few months, and apologize to all for the lack of activity on my part.

The core of the Committee has always been a group of dedicated, generous, active individuals.     They are the backbone of the Democratic Party in Amherst County.     Please show your support by attending the next meeting.

Best Regards,

David Burford


101 - Wright Shop - Magnolia Braxton

102 - New Glas - Ned Kable, OPEN

103 - Coolwell - OPEN

201 - Court House - Mary Anne Hostetler, Alix Ingber, OPEN

202 - Temperance - Marvin Gilbert

301 - Monroe - OPEN

302 - Elon - Marita Taylor, Mary Truitt, OPEN

303 - Pleasant View - Curtis Johnson

401 - Amelon - Robert Perry, Jason Fleshman, OPEN

402 - Lonco - Francis Wayne

501 - Madison Hts - Jeff Price, Dan Hughes, Allen Freeman

You are welcome to attend the meeting if you are a Democrat who lives in Amherst County or Nelson County.      It will be held at  the Amherst Central Virginia Community College site ( Just East of the traffic circle in the same shopping center as Food Lion grocery store ), Tuesday Sept. 14th at 7PM.    We look foreward to seeing you and will be pleased if you are interested.

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