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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Obstruct, Lie, Distort, Twist, Fillerbuster, The GOP Plan to Destroy Obama

Pulling The Wool Over Voter's Eyes and Winning Back The White House.

Thought I would write about republican programs and plans being that it is 4 and a half years into Obama's presidency.   Obama has won re-election and the republicans are still blocking and obstructing anything the democrats want to do.   On his very first day as President Obama signed a bill to close our illegal prison in Git Mo.   The republicans cut off the money to close the prison and blocked any efforts in that direction.   Here's the kicker.   The republicans attacked President Obama for not closing the prison as he said he would do when running for office.   They blocked him from doing it and then attacked him for not doing it.

I intended to write about the republican education plan or the republican health plan or the republican jobs plan but it came to me like hitting a brick wall.   The republican's don't have any plans, no plans to improve The US of A in any way.   All they do is complain about anything Obama wants to do and block any appointments he tries to make.   A full third of the judgeships in this country are
unfilled, the republicans have blocked them all.   Action on creating jobs, blocked by the republicans.    39 times since the Supreme Court ruled that the Health Care Act was constitutional the republicans have wasted the time required for them to vote to destroy the  Plan, thus wasting time and neglecting any other issue that the people would like our congress to address.

Republicans are useless, worthless drags on the govermental system of our country.   To all the hordes of folks in Amherst County who vote republican every time the polls open, here's a message just for you.   You are doing all you can to destroy the system of government our founding fathers left us.   You use all the benefits Democrats have created for you and somehow think the GOP has your interest at heart.   Amherst republicans are part of the Goodlatte Generation, free riders and back benchers.

If you normally get your information from republican politicians or Fox News hang on to your hat, the truth will blow your mind.  Here's an example of the Fox News Bull Crap.   Fox has been reporting over and over on the quarter hour that the IRS Commisioner visited the White House 157 times in the last 4 years.   The story is untrue and has been debunked and proven false but Fox still continues to run it over and over on the quarter hour.   The truth is the Commissioner visited the White House 11 times in 4 years but Fox still spreads the known lie.   Many republicans get all their news from Fox and right wing radio.   These republicans are crazy as loons and do not know the truth about anything.   The wool is being pulled over their eyes.   It is their fault that they play the fool for the GOP.   They are hard to reach.   They have been believing lies for so long their world is an alternate universe to the one real people live in.

Since the republicans have no programs (and haven't for over 4 years) I am going to detail how the Affordable Care Act will work in Virginia.   Fox News won't tell you the truth, Bob Goodlatte won't tell you the truth, GOP leadership won't tell you the truth but guess what ACV Democratic News will beat you all about your stupid face with the truth.   Enjoy.
How the Health Care Law is Making a Difference for the People of Virginia

For too long, too many hardworking Americans paid the price for policies that handed free rein to insurance companies and put barriers between patients and their doctors. The Affordable Care Act gives hardworking families in Virginia the security they deserve. The new health care law forces insurance companies to play by the rules, prohibiting them from dropping your coverage if you get sick, billing you into bankruptcy because of an annual or lifetime limit, or, soon, discriminating against anyone with a pre-existing condition.

All Americans will have the security of knowing that they don’t have to worry about losing coverage if they’re laid off or change jobs.  And insurance companies now have to cover your preventive care like mammograms and other cancer screenings.  The new law also makes a significant investment in State and community-based efforts that promote public health, prevent disease and protect against public health emergencies.

Health reform is already making a difference for the people of Virginia by:

Expanding health insurance coverage in every state

The Affordable Care Act will expand health insurance coverage by establishing a Health Insurance Marketplace in every state and increasing access to the Medicaid program. 844,752 or 12% of Virginia’s non-elderly residents are uninsured, of whom 775,334 (92%) may qualify for either tax credits to purchase coverage in the Marketplace or for Medicaid if Virginia participates in the Medicaid expansion.

Establishing the Health Insurance Marketplace. 

When key parts of the health care law take effect in 2014, there’ll be a new way for individuals, families and small businesses to get health insurance. Beginning Oct. 1, 2013, individuals in every state will be able to shop for health insurance and compare plans through the Marketplace.
Increasing Access to Medicaid. 

The Affordable Care Act also fills in gaps in coverage for the poorest Americans by giving states the option to expand Medicaid to individuals under 65 years of age with income below 133 percent of the federal poverty level (FPL) (approximately $14,000 for an individual and $29,000 for a family of four) beginning in January 2014.    States will receive 100% federal funding for the first three years to support this expanded coverage, phasing to 90% federal funding in subsequent years.    In addition, Medicaid and Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) eligibility and enrollment will be much simpler and will be coordinated with the Marketplace.

Providing new coverage options for young adults

Health plans are now required to allow parents to keep their children under age 26 without job-based coverage on their family coverage, and, thanks to this provision, 3.1 million young people have gained coverage nationwide. As of December 2011, 66,000 young adults in Virginia gained insurance coverage as a result of the health care law.

Making prescription drugs affordable for seniors

The Affordable Care Act makes prescription drug coverage (Part D) for people with Medicare more affordable.   It does this by gradually closing the gap in drug coverage known as the "donut hole."   Since the enactment of the law, 6.1 million Americans with Medicare who reached the donut hole have saved over $5.7 billion on prescription drugs.   Nationwide, drug savings of $2.5 billion in 2012 were higher than the $2.3 billion in savings for 2011.   In Virginia, people with Medicare saved over $131.7 million on prescription drugs since the law’s enactment.    In 2012 alone, 80,522 individuals in Virginia saved over $57.6 million, or an average of $716 per beneficiary.   In 2012, people with Medicare in the “donut hole” received a 50 percent discount on covered brand name drugs and 14 percent discount on generic drugs.   And thanks to the Affordable Care Act, coverage for both brand name and generic drugs will continue to increase over time until the coverage gap is closed.

Covering preventive services with no deductible or co-pay

The health care law requires many insurance plans to provide coverage without cost sharing to enrollees for a variety of preventive health services, such as colonoscopy screening for colon cancer, Pap smears and mammograms for women, well-child visits, and flu shots for all children and adults.   The law also makes proven preventive services free for most people on Medicare.

In 2011 and 2012, 71 million Americans with private health insurance gained preventive service coverage with no cost-sharing, including 1,998,000 in Virginia.   And for policies renewing on or after August 1, 2012, women can now get coverage without cost-sharing of even more preventive services they need. 

Approximately 47 million women, including 1,376,205 in Virginia will now have guaranteed access to additional preventive services without cost-sharing.

The Affordable Care Act is also removing barriers for people with Medicare.    With no deductibles or co-pays, cost is no longer a barrier for seniors and people with disabilities who want to stay healthy by detecting and treating health problems early.   In 2012 alone, an estimated 34.1 million people with Medicare benefited from Medicare’s coverage of preventive services with no cost-sharing.    In Virginia, 757,195 individuals with traditional Medicare used one or more free preventive service in 2012.

Providing better value for your premium dollar through the 80/20 Rule

Under the new health care law, insurance companies must provide consumers greater value by spending generally at least 80 percent of premium dollars on health care and quality improvements instead of overhead, executive salaries or marketing.   If they don’t, they must provide consumers a rebate or reduce premiums. This means that 686,738 Virginia residents with private insurance coverage will benefit from $43,127,639 in rebates from insurance companies this year, for an average rebate of $115 per family covered by a policy.

Scrutinizing unreasonable premium increases

In every State and for the first time under Federal law, insurance companies are required to publicly justify their actions if they want to raise rates by 10 percent or more.    Virginia has received $1,000,000 under the new law to help fight unreasonable premium increases.

Removing lifetime limits on health benefits

The law bans insurance companies from imposing lifetime dollar limits on health benefits – freeing cancer patients and individuals
suffering from other chronic diseases from having to worry about going without treatment because of their lifetime limits.   Already,
2,974,000 people in Virginia, including 1,121,000 women and 817,000 children, are free from worrying about lifetime limits on coverage.   The law also restricts the use of annual limits and bans them completely in 2014.

Creating new coverage options for individuals with pre-existing conditions

As of August 2012, 2,893 previously uninsured residents of Virginia who were locked out of the coverage system because of a pre-existing
condition are now insured through a new Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan that was created under the new health reform law.

Supporting Virginia’s work on Affordable Insurance Exchanges

Virginia has received $5,320,401 in grants for research, planning, information technology development, and implementation of Affordable Insurance Exchanges.

•$1,000,000 in Planning Grants:  This grant provides Virginia the resources needed to conduct the research and planning necessary to build a better health insurance marketplace and determine how its exchange will be operated and governed.    Learn how the funds are being used in Virginia here.

•$4,320,401 in Exchange Establishment Grants:   These grants are helping States continue their work to implement key provisions of the Affordable Care Act.    Learn how the funds are being used in Virginia here.

Preventing illness and promoting health (Last Updated: March 15, 2012)

Since 2010, Virginia has received $20,000,000 in grants from the Prevention and Public Health Fund created by the Affordable Care Act.     This new fund was created to support effective policies in Virginia, its communities, and nationwide so that all Americans can lead longer, more productive lives.

Increasing support for community health centers and primary care clinicians

The Affordable Care Act increases the funding available to community health centers nationwide.    In Virginia, 25 health centers operate 147 sites, providing preventive and primary health care services to 285,359 people.   Health Center grantees in Virginia have received $92,946,346 under the Affordable Care Act to support ongoing health center operations and to establish new health center sites, expand services, and/or support major capital improvement projects.

As a result of historic investments through the Affordable Care Act and the Recovery Act, the numbers of clinicians in the National Health Service Corps are at all-time highs with nearly 10,000 Corps clinicians providing care to more than 10.4 million people who live in rural, urban, and frontier communities.    The National Health Service Corps repays educational loans and provides scholarships to primary care physicians, dentists, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, behavioral health providers, and other primary care providers who practice in areas of the country that have too few health care professionals to serve the people who live there.    As of September 30, 2012, there were 99 Corps clinicians providing primary care services in Virginia compared to 52 in 2008.

Strengthening partnerships with Virginia

The law gives states support for their work to build the health care workforce, crack down on fraud, and support public health.   These partnerships help ensure that health care providers are working where they are needed most - in both urban and rural areas.   They ensure that half a million people annually get access to HIV/AIDS treatment and access to high quality primary care services.

Examples of Affordable Care Act grants to Virginia not outlined above include:

•$800,000 to support the National Health Service Corps, by assisting Virginia’s State Loan Repayment Program in repaying educational loans of health care professionals in return for their practice in health professional shortage areas.

•$1,069,200 for the expansion of the Physician Assistant Training Program a five-year initiative to increase the number of physician assistants in the primary care workforce.

•$1,282,771 for school-based health centers to help clinics expand their capacity to provide more health care services and modernize their facilities.

•$287,099 for Family-to-Family Health Information Centers, organizations run by and for families with children with special health care needs.

•$11,659,361 for Maternal, Infant, and Early Childhood Home Visiting Programs.    These programs bring health professionals, social workers, or paraprofessionals to meet with at-risk families in their homes and connect families to the kinds of help that can make a real difference in a child’s health, development, and ability to learn - such as health care, early education, parenting skills, child
abuse prevention, and nutrition.
From talking to republicans in Amherst County it is plain that the GOP has pulled the wool over their eyes.   Almost no one knows that the Supreme Court has ruled on the Affordable Care Act (Obama Care) and that it is the law of the land since 2011.   The decision is 193 pages long so I am not going to print it all but the url to view the whole decision is listed below.   It is in PDF format but can be saved in Text.

The Affordable Care Act was passed by Congress and then signed into law by the President on March 23, 2010.

On June 28, 2012 the Supreme Court rendered a final decision to uphold the health care law.

Read the Full Text of the Affordable Care Act

Should you care to read the whole act as opposed to letting the GOP give you their twisted take the url's are listed below.   Before the GOP and its voters embarris themselves further it would be a good idea to get familiar with the truth.   It is truely amazing the made up crap republicans are spreading and it would come to a quick stop if they read the act they are blindly critizing.   I don't believe the republicans are complete idiots.   They are just ignorant when it comes to the Affordable Care Act.


•Full Text of the Affordable Care Act and Reconciliation Act (PDF – 2.6 MB)


•Certified Full-Text Version: Affordable Care Act (PDF – 4.27 MB)


•Certified Full-Text Version: Reconciliation Act (PDF – 282 KB)


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