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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Democrats Listen To The People

Americans are crying with all the might they can muster  "Leave My Medicare and Social Security Alone,  HANDS  OFF."
Dr. Schmookler and April
Dr. Schmookler will speak at one of our monthly meetings in the near future.    Chairman David Burford is hard at work setting up the date and we will post it ASAP.     This meeting will be open to everyone and this is your chance to ask questions and converse with your next Congressman.

The polls provide guidance on what the voters want and Democrats should stand with the people.    Republicans already look out for big business and big oil so they already have a say in how things happen.    The middle class, workers,seniors, women and children are the forgotten sectors that need a voice.

The following polls came from     

That is the website of  Dr. Andrew Bard Schmookler who is a
Democrat running for Congress in Virginia's 6th District.    Dr. Schmookler will be joining us at a Democratic Committee Meeting soon and everyone is welcome to attend and meet him.     When arrangements are final for his visit we will post it here.
Chairman David  and  Dr. Andy
Dr Andrew Bard Schmookler is comfortable answering to Dr. Andy so don't worry if you have trouble with his name.    Remember it wasn't too long ago a young man came out of Chicago with the name Barack Obama and that worked out fine.      Chairman David can even deal with Dave so when we announce the date and time please join us and meet your next Congressman.   Thanks to our readers.

Swing state Democrats need to stand up to the GOP’s proposed plans to destroy Medicare and make huge cuts to Medicaid and Social Security, according to the latest polling from Public Policy Polling.    

The latest polls, commissioned by the Progressive Change Campaign Committee in partnership with Democracy for America, and Credo Action, show that the voters undeniably support these progressive programs — and candidates looking to
win in 2012 need to keep all cuts off the table.

Look at the results from swing states.

QUESTION:     In order to reduce the national debt, would you support or oppose cutting spending on Social Security, which is the retirement program for the elderly?
 Ohio 16% support 80% oppose
 Missouri 17% support 76% oppose
 Montana 20% support 76% oppose
 Minnesota 23% support 72% oppose

QUESTION:    In order to reduce the national debt, would you support or oppose cutting spending on Medicare, which is the government health insurance program for the elderly?
Ohio 20% support 76% oppose 

Missouri 19% support 77% oppose
Montana 24% support 71% oppose
Minnesota 26% support 69% oppose

QUESTION:    In order to reduce the national debt, would you support or oppose cutting spending on Medicaid, which is the government health insurance program for the poor, disabled, and children?
Ohio 33% support 61% oppose
Missouri 32% support 63% oppose
Montana 36% support 59% oppose
Minnesota 33% support
62% oppose

Sherrod Brown,  OH
Amy Klobuchar,  MN

The polls should be a clear sign to Senators Sherrod Brown (OH), Claire McCaskill (MO), John Tester (MT), and Amy
Klobuchar (MN) that their reelection will depend on their willingness to defend these programs for their swing states.     The results have already gotten coverage in Talking Points Memo, the Huffington Post and The Amherst County Virginia Democratic News.

Claire McCaskill,  MO 

“This polling shows that voters have serious problems with any politician who votes to cut Social Security, Medicare, or Medicaid,” said PCCC co-founder Stephanie Taylor.     “Democratic leaders should not ask incumbent Senators to walk the plank on these issues. Instead, Democrats should go on offense by investing in jobs and making oil companies, Wall Street, and the rich pay their fair share in taxes.”
John Tester,  MT
“If Democrats cut Social Security and Medicare, there will be outrage in red states and blue states.     It’s that simple,” said Charles Chamberlain, Political Director at Democracy for America.     “Democrats need to say firmly that any tampering with these critical programs whatsoever is off the table.”

Thats the story in the swing states, leave Medicare and Social Security alone.      So Say the People.   Now You Know What The People Want so Lets Meet The Players who fight for us and against the people.

"We Will Fight Them Anywhere in America When it Comes to Defending and Strengthening Medicare."    Rep. Steve Israel
Steve Israel is the Head of Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and the powerful words above his picture are his thoughts on protecting Medicare and other seniors benefits.

Kathy Hochul will fight to protect your Medicare and Social Security.      Kathy won't allow republicans to balance the budget on your backs.       She won't allow sniors to lose their benefits so big business can get a tax break.

Paul Ryan Dreams of a World Where Seniors have NO Medicare and he and his GOP buddies are willing to hold the country hostage to make it happen.

Has the Republican Medicare plan undermined the GOP's 2012 election hopes?    Lets hope so because something has to stop these terriorists before they destroy the country.    They want to withhold disaster aid until matching program reductions can be found.

What a sleazy group this GOP is.    Nothing stands in the way of tax breaks for the rich and breaks for big oil but flood and tornado victims have to find programs to cut before they can be helped.   If you're willing to kiss Medicare goodby for your children and slightly younger friends you aren't thinking straight.    If you continue to vote for Republicans You aren't thinking at all.    Throw these Bum Republicans Out at the earliest opportunity.

Republicans say voters will reward them for taking on a tough issue and freeing seniors to pay their own way.    The money saved by cutting Social Security and killing Medicare will go to big companies as tax breaks and this will trickle down as jobs.   But Democrats say yes look at the surprising results of a special election in western New York to see the popularity of Medicare.   Even Republicans in large numbers want Medicare left alone.

Kathy Hochul, the Democratic clerk of Erie County, swept to victory Tuesday night in the race to fill the U.S. House seat previously held by Republican Chris Lee.   Lee, who is married, resigned after it was discovered that he was trying to arrange sexual trysts via the Web site Craigslist.    Lee is a family values christian right republican as are a number of republicans recently returning to the private sector from government positions.

The real surprise, however, turned out to be Hochul's ability to capture a seat long considered a GOP stronghold.     The Republicans had controlled the district, which stretches roughly from Rochester to Buffalo, for over four decades.    Over 40 years in the GOP's pocket and killing Medicare and reducing Social Security and killing womens health care and killing Pell Grants and taking away funds from early childhood education and giving it all to the upper 2% and big business tax breaks and suddenly the district is in play.    How much do these crazy republicans think they can do to working people and still get their vote?

How did Hochul pull it off?   There were no exit polls for the race so it's impossible to say for sure.   But the centerpiece of her campaign was a no-holds-barred attack on a plan to overhaul Medicare authored by Paul Ryan and recently passed the Republican-controlled House of Representatives.
Under the plan, originally put forward by House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan, R-Wisconsin, Medicare would end and be replaced with vouchers and coupons.    The government would no longer directly pay bills for senior citizens in the program. 

Instead, recipients would negotiate a plan with private providers, which the federal government partially pay with vouchers.    The Republican Plan is unpopular but the GOP keeps on pushing it on
the people and every time the people get to vote they vote the republicans out and the democrats in.    The time to stop this madness is right now and the people should keep turning republicans away till sensibility returns to the grand old party.

Individuals currently 55 or older would not be affected by the changes at the moment but who knows what a crazy as hell Republican Party will do if they get the chance, if they get their foot in the door.   There is nothing republicans won't do to make a tax break for the rich or a break for big oil.   They already plan to lower Social Security payments and add years to the age level when you can draw it.

Republican leaders consider the plan a necessary cost-cutting measure to generate funds for big business tax cuts which will create jobs.  They also contend tomorrow's seniors will benefit from a wider range of choices as they negotiate their own deals with the insurance companies and pick levels of coverage they can afford.

Republicans feel seniors will be better off on their own.
Democrats warn the move would shred the health care security enjoyed by older Americans in recent generations.

Democrats have all but sworn to make the proposal, passed with near unanimous support by House Republicans, a focal point of their campaign efforts next year.    Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nevada, is forcing Senate Republicans to go on record by forcing a vote on the plan later this week.    All but 4 Republicans in the House voted to kill Medicare.

The bill has no chance of clearing the Democratic-controlled Senate, thank goodness, but Republicans vow to keep on attacking Medicare until they kill and bury it.   Republicans have tried to kill Social Security for over 75 years, since its very creation.    They made fade into the background during good times but when the opportunity to exploit bad times comes the Republicans go into action trying to kill Social Security again.    Why voters don't have longer and more accurate memories is a mystery. 

During Hochul's victory speech Tuesday night, jubilant supporters repeatedly chanted "Medicare! Medicare!"     Hochul pledged to help balance the budget  "the right way, not on backs of our seniors."

Throughout the campaign, Hochul highlighted the national fight, telling voters that her Republican opponent, had "100% embraced" the plan. "Even when Republicans in Washington walk away from it, she's been asked again and again, and she continues to support it," Hochul said.

 "I'm working to protect Medicare."   Hochul said.

Moments after the Hochul's victory was announced, Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Florida, the head of the Democratic National Committee, declared that the outcome of the race proves "Republicans and Independent voters, along with Democrats, will reject extreme policies."   The DNC head continued  "Tonight's result has far-reaching consequences beyond New York."
Rep. Steve Israel of New York, head of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, announced that the

Republicans have been   "served notice ... that we will fight them anywhere in America when it comes to defending and strengthening Medicare."

On Wednesday morning, Guy Cecil, executive director of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, released a statement arguing that the results  "provide clear evidence that Senate Democrats will be able to play offense in Senate races across the country by remaining focused on the Republican effort to end Medicare."

Reince Priebus is everything Michael Steele was except effective and good at his job and interesting to listen to.     Great Choice.

For their part, Republican leaders said voters misunderstood the Republican message and that they would work to make the message more palatable.    Rep. Pete Sessions of Texas insisted the race has no national implications.    "To predict the future based on the results of this unusual race is naive and risky,"    Sessions said and then pointed to last November's GOP landslide.

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus blasted Democrats for stopping "at nothing to preserve the status quo in Washington."      Priebus' remarks reflected the fact that hugely popular entitlement programs -- including Medicare, Medicaid, and
Social Security needed to be trimmed back or completely eliminated.
Somebody told Newt he was a joke

Newt is touring America looking for wife number 4.      Remember ladies Newt has good connections with a large jewelry store and good credit and deep pockets.      Newt counts Paul Ryan as his best friend and would vote for right wing social engineering if given the chance.     Count on Newt to attack President Obama for breathing and to drop out before September and hawk a book.

GOP leaders attacked President Barack Obama's health care overhaul in 2010, arguing that it would weaken Medicare yet now Republicans want to kill Medicare outright.    "Last November seniors voted for republicans by a 21 point margin",  Priebus said.    "Take away their benefits and suddenly they don't like us anymore".

Can they defend Ryan's plan, which is a virtual litmus test for their conservative base, without scaring older voters?    Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, now a presidential candidate, was recently excoriated by conservative activists for calling Ryan's plan a form of objectionable "right-wing social engineering."
Sen. Scott Brown, a moderate Republican facing what is expected to be a tough re-election fight in heavily Democratic Massachusetts next year, has announced he has no intention of voting for the Ryan plan.

Rep. Joe Walsh of Illinois, a freshman Republican, said Monday that Brown should suck it up and get in line with the rest of the GOP and support ending Medicare.     "This is the defining moment of this generation,"  Walsh said  "Its time to bury Medicare".

Joe Walsh calling the killing of Medicare the defining moment of this generation shines a big spotlight on idiot republicans.     
Joe is telling the crowd that John Boehner and Eric Cantor tell him what to do and that he does it.      Joe longs to attend the funeral for Medicare so that the tax breaks for business can start.     If Joe behaves and gets to meetings on time Eric rewards him by making animals from baloons and giving them to him.       Joe told the crowd he has almost every animal in the jungle in his office.    If you were a regular reader you would know Eric completed Clown College with a major in Baloon Animalogy.

Joe is just what the GOP loves a keep your trap closed and do as you are told republican.      Joe might make it into leadership if the voters in his district want to kill medicare as much as he does.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Memorial Day 2011

Memorial Day is a United States federal holiday observed on the last Monday of May (May 30 in 2011).      Formerly known as Decoration Day, it commemorates men and women who died while in military service to the United States. 

It was first enacted to honor Union and Confederate soldiers following the American Civil War, later it was extended  (after World War I)  to honor Americans who have died in all wars.

At ACVDN we pause to honor all who have served, protected and passed our freedoms down the line for us to enjoy today.    We hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day and pause for a few seconds to remember those who made it possible.

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Celebrating In Tight Times

The cost of gas and travel are thru the roof but if you are looking for a place to picnic, fish, swim or just watch the river you won't have to break the bank traveling.   Check out these great locations and celebrate Memorial Day in Amherst County.

Monacan Park.      Amherst Counties favorite;   many have caught nice catfish out of the James.     Located off of VA state route 130 on Monacan Park Road.     The park is located beside the James River, and has a boat ramp and a dock for access to the river.     It also has a childrens playground, and a covered picnic area.    Restroom facilities round out the offerings.    A great place to have  fun for a day.       Just before entering the Park you decend a huge hill on a slightly curvey road that opens into a lush river valley.      There's plenty of shade and cool river drenched breezes.      Remember to take a folding chair and you're almost in heaven.      Gas motors are allowed and sometimes you'll see happy people in tow on skies trailing behind the boats.

Mill Creek Lake.    This lake is a 190 acre watershed lake.    You cannot use gas motors here.     Quiet electric driven motors maintain silence and preclude oil leaks.    There is a boat ramp for access to the lake, as well as picnic tables and grills.     There are restrooms and a playground for your children.     Located off Va State route 60 west at 238 Mill Creek Road, Amherst, Virginia.

Stone house Lake Park.    This lake is 41 acres.    It offers a boat ramp for access to the lake.     Offers a picnic and playground area for children.    Offers restroom facilities as well.    No gas motor here.    Located at 294 Stone house Lake Park, Amherst Virginia.

Thrashers Lake Park.    A 36 acre lake with a boat ramp for access to the lake.    No gas motors here.    It offers picnic tables and grills as well as restroom facilities.    Located at 223 Thrashers Lake Road, Amherst Virginia.

In addition to these beautiful bodies of water there are walking and biking paths and vinyards waiting for your visit.

If you live in central Virginia and are looking for a one day trip destination the Blue Ridge Parkway might be just the ticket.

Woodhaven Lakes, a Private Camping Resort Woodhaven Lakes is a year round private camping resort.    With 1756 acres of resort including seven man made lakes, you can find all kinds of outdoor actvities and fun.

Travel east on Route 60 for about a Third of an hour and you can connect with the James River State Park.     From the traffic circle in amherst take 60 toward richmond.      When you cross the James River past Gladstone and leave Nelson County look directly to your left and there is the sign for the Park.      Leave the bridge take the first left and the river road leads you to the Park.

James River State Park, six miles down river from Bent Creek, opened June 20, 1999.     The park has three miles of river frontage, 1,500 acres of rolling farm meadows, three fishing ponds, beautiful vistas, 15 miles of hiking trails and quiet forests.

The park has primitive camping,  regular camping,  a camping lodge (bunkhouse),  cabins and lodges.    This park has three campgrounds.     Two of them, Branch Pond and Canoe Landing, are open year-round for primitive camping.     There are primitive restrooms in each campground.      Red Oak Campground has 30 regular sites with water and electricity and a full service bathhouse with laundry facilities.     The campground, about 1.5 miles from
the primitive campgrounds, is open annually from March 1 to first Monday in December.

They have camping sites and cabins for rent and some of the best views and water fun available anywhere.      Choose any of Virginia's State Parks for an exciting get away.      These are the best deals for fun and an affordable get away in the state of Virginia.
You can celebrate Memorial Day locally, in Amherst County or in sourrounding counties.     Save on gas and don't beat dad to death driving.     We have great vistas on our doorstep that people travel many hundreds of miles to see.      Be thankful for our Veterans and our little piece of mother earth, its a pretty piece.

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Happy Memorial Day from the gang at Amherst County Virginia Democratic News

Please Remember
Dr. Schmookler and wife April
Dr. Schmookler is a candidate for Congress in Virginia's 6th District.      He has visited and met with many in our locality and will return.      Keep reading ACVDN for the where and when.      To visit his web site click  HERE  .

Also keep in mind
Bert Dodson
The great machine of life is directing Bert to Richmond as the first Senator from Virginia's newly created 22nd Senate District.       All across the 22nd people are excited about Bert running and his crowds have been large and vocal.         The people want a voice and good representation in the capitol and Bert has spent the greater part of his adult years looking out for the needs of working people.      You only have one vote so you might as well cast it for someone who keeps you and your struggles in his heart.      Bert Dodson is that man.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Democrats Score Big Win in New York's 26 District

John Boehner is being done in by republicans dead set on looking out for the rich and big
business and killing medicare.  
Kathy Hochul

New York's 26th District was so conservative and right wing that no Democrat has stood a chance there for over 40 years.    Democrat Kathy Hochul is their new Congressman.    The upper 2% may have all the money but the lower 90% have the votes.

In a victory certain to be read by many as a positive omen for House Democrats looking forward to the 2012 general elections and a warning for Republicans, Democrat Kathy Hochul won the closely watched special election to fill a vacant seat in a congressional district that until now has been reliably Republican.

Late in the evening, Hochul was beating Republican Jane Corwin by 6 percentage points, 48 percent versus 42 percent with 87 percent of the precincts reporting.   Tea Party movement candidate Jack Davis had 9 percent of the vote.

The race was seen as a referendum on the House Republican Kill Medicare plan associated with Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin that would privatize the popular entitlement program.      Republicans have proposed giving future seniors money to purchase health insurance from private insurers.

The proposed changes to the program have proved controversial, raising anxieties in many seniors and middle aged Americans, concerns Democrats have been quick to turn against Republicans.

Hochul was one of those Democrats, riding the Medicare issue all the way to Congress in a race in which she had initially trailed behind her Republican opponent.

Denise Jewell Gee of The Buffalo News reports that in her victory speech, Hochul acknowledged the importance of the Medicare issue.     "Yes, we are all future seniors, that's for sure.     It's the future seniors they were going after, and we didn't like that did we?"

The vacancy in New York's 26th Congressional District occurred after the former Republican congressman, Chris Lee, resigned after a woman claimed that after making contact with her through a Craig's List personal, the married Lee had sent her photos of himself in which he was shirtless.      His misbehavior  was pretty tame for a Family Values Republican. 

The race took on far more importance than the typical congressional election in a single district.    Because it was seen to have become a proxy battle in the larger war over Medicare, both Republican and Democratic groups pumped money into the race to purchase time for TV commercials.

So important was the outcome seen to be that the White House issued a statement from President Obama who is out of the country in Europe:

I want to extend my congratulations to Congresswoman-elect Kathy Hochul for her victory in New York's 26th Congressional District. Kathy and I both believe that we need to create jobs, grow our economy, and reduce the deficit in order to outcompete other nations and win the future.    Kathy has shown, through her victory and throughout her career, that she will fight for the families and businesses in western New York, and I look forward to working with her when she gets to Washington.

The victory was sure to give Democrats a much needed psychological boost after the pummeling they took in the
2010 mid-term elections because of the Affordable Care Act and the economy.

But because it was a three-way race Republicans argue that Medicare wasn't the decisive factor in the outcome.    Instead they point to third-party candidate Davis, who took nearly a tenth of the vote, as a spoiler.

Nevertheless, the result is a repudiation of the Republican agenda.     The last Republican Congressman won with 74% of the vote and it was normal for Democrats to pull less than 30% of the vote in this district.     Something has changed and I like it.      There are 97 Republicans in Districts far more liberal than this one and their vote for and support of the Paul Ryan Kill Medicare Plan has put them on shakey ground with voters.
Dr. Andrew Bard Schmookler

We congradulate the voters in New York's 26 District on the positive action they have taken to protect the citizens of this country.      Here in Virginia's 6th District we need to take the same sort of action.      Bob Goodlatte has voted with big business and against average citizens for 20 years.     Bob Goodlatte supports the killing of Medicare and has voted against seniors on every issue.

In New York the voters woke up from a 40 year acceptance of second rate republican leadership and the killing of Medicare seems to be the issue that returned them to reality.      Well guess who wants to kill your Medicare right here in the 6th.    Bob Goodlatte.

You have a choice.     Dr. Andrew Bard Schmookler has declared his interest in the 6th District Congressional seat.    Dr. Schmookler
sees thru the game Goodlatte is playing and has a sincere desire to give representation to our district.     Please make yourself familiar with the Doc and guage his qualifications to represent our district.

Amherst County Democratic  Chairman  David Burford and Dr. Andrew Bard Schmookler

to visit Dr Schmookler's web site.     Follow ACVDN for information when the Doctor will be in our locality.     Dr. Schmookler was recently in Lynchburg and we covered his speech.     To go directly to our coverage of  
Dr. Schmookler holding Q and A after speech

To visit the archive go to the bottom of the page and choose from over 150 articles dating to 2009.

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Lets summarize and Bottom Line this issue with more evidence that republicans want to fix the deficit on the backs of the poor and prove once again that republicans represent the Rich and Big Business.     In addition to their oath to the Constitution republicans also sell their souls to Grover Norquist by promising to never under any set of conditions or for any reason to raise taxes.     That means war or huge disaster, whatever No Tax Increases.     The Clown from Virginia, Eric Cantor, wants cuts in programs to pay for disaster relief in the areas of our country ravaged by flooding and tornados.     He wants to withold disaster aid until those cuts are formalized.     How completely ignorant can one republican be?
This Idiot is The Majority Leader in the House

Lets look at ending tax breaks for Big Oil.     Republicans consider ending a tax break the same thing as raising taxes and Grover won't allow that.      The GOP wants the Bush Tax Cuts for the Rich to go on forever.       Republicans possess Zero Common Sense.

There were less than 60 votes for the bill so it is defeated and withdrawn and the Republicans got what they wanted, the tax breaks for their friends in big oil continue.    Republicans still want to kill Medicare and Pell Grants as they balance the deficit on the backs of seniors and the poor and working class.   Republicans must be defeated and removed from office for our Nation to survive.    It is past time for republicans to wake up and reject the destruction of the middle class in favor of the rich and big business.   Todays GOP has sold out the Republican values of your grandfathers.

This Bill:   Repeals five tax subsidies for U.S. oil companies and closes a loophole that oil companies use to disguise foreign royalty payments as taxes and reduce their domestic tax bill. All savings under the bill would be applied to reducing federal budget deficits.

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Friday, May 20, 2011

Appomattox Democratic Committee Buffet

Saturday, May 21, 9:00 AM - Appomattox Democratic Committee Buffet
Breakfast was held in Rojo's Corner Grill, 1957 Church Street in Appomattox.  Tickets were $20.00 and purchased at the door.   Children under 12  $10.00.      Appomattox and Amherst are included in the newly formed 22nd Senatorial District.     Come out and have breakfast with our new family.      That along with some phone numbers  was pretty much the invitation Chairman Ora McCoy extended and from the photos that follow you will see the response was magnificent.      When Ora speaks, Democrats listen!
Chairman Ora McCoy and Tom McGrath

What an event, the dining room was packed and the Appomattox Democrats and Chairman Ora McCoy could not help but be pleased.     Don Mark even mentioned the size of the crowd during his talk.    Don is the State Party Political Director and he is looking foreward to a spirited 2011 and 12 in Virginia as well as National races.
Don Mark
Don speaking

Appomattox and Amherst are included in the newly formed 22nd Senatorial District.      This is the day we will come together and renew our Democratic bonds.
James and Mary Johnson

Vote Democratic because  we are committed to protecting your benefits and we will work every day the Lord sends our way for a better future for you and your family and friends.   Helping others is what it is all about and that was one of the big themes in Bert Dodson's speech.
Bert drew enthuistic responses from the crowd several times in a speech interrupted by applause more times than I could count.     Bert asked by a show of hands how many in the audience were affected by unemployeement in some way, family member, friend, someone you know or self.     Everyone was affected and that is why Bert has made Jobs a top priority.     There were even times when the audience was chanting "Run Bert Run."     Bert stressed how every person should have the right to a good education.     Mr Dodson explained how the rich man always had a voice and had representation but the poor man got left out.    Bert Dodson wants to provide the working man and woman with a voice in Richmond.
Bert chatting with crowd
It was easy to see Bert was a crowd favorite, an old and trusted friend.      A political writer would describe his speech as an old fashioned stem winder or a barn burner.     I will tell you Bert hit notes that rang true with the crowd and they enjoyed his speech.      I think Bert Dodson is headed to Richmond, Virginia to serve in the Virginia Senate as our first Senator from the newly created 22nd District and we will all be the better for it.     It is just like the crowd was chanting  "Run Bert Run".
Nancy O'Brien
Nancy O'Brien was the first woman to serve as mayor of Charlottesville, from 1976-1978, and is still active in Democratic politics.   Recently she organized women for Perriello for former 5th District Congressman Tom Perriello.    Her speech centered on organizing and re-uniting the Democratic Party and since Appomattox is the place where our Nation came back together she thought the location was perfect for the effort.
I know Nancy is difficult to see but even the best flash on a camera only goes so far but yes that is Nancy O'Brien up front giving her address to the packed to capacity hall.
Rev. Braxton and Beatrice Head
Reverent Braxton ministers to the flock at Promise Land Church.     Beatrice Head is the Chairman of the Amelia County Democratic Committee.    As you can see this was quite a gathering of Democrats from all the sourrounding counties.     When Ora McCoy puts on an event Democrats respond.
Dr. Timothy Corbett
Dr. Corbett joked it was refreshing to know there were so many other Democrats in the world and drew a good laugh from the crowd.     Then Dr. Corbett led the opening prayer.      Next a young lady named Kim Watting sang the National Athem in the most beautiful accoupelo rendering that my 60 plus years of living have put me within ear shot of.     Kim was truely amazing.
Tom McGrath and Lynchburg Vice-Chair Gerald Cheatham
Uplifting, Enlitening, Controversial and Sometimes Humourous Wearable Media.    These shirts are unique, not the same old same old you see everywhere.    Quality handmade wearables that come from the mind of  James and Alecia Foulke.     Arrangements are in the making to have James attend more of the events in our area but if you are impatient (and who isn't?) then click James and Alecia ,
this takes you to their facebook page.
Appomattox Democratic Chairman Ora McCoy (foreground)
James Foulke (background)

Francine Ferguson and Walter Fore
Walter Fore is a member of the Steel Workers and has spent his entire adult life fighting for workers rights and everyones civil rights.   
Crowd Photos

Appomattox County Democratic Committee Chairman
Ora  McCoy
ACVDN Bottom Line
Sometimes you work hard and put a great plan together and everything falls in place perfectly and even the weather is beautiful.    Chairman McCoy you managed to have one of those days.     Your breakfast meeting had it all, great food, great speakers and a great time had by all.     Few people realize just how much behind the scenes work goes into such events.     My wish would be that every democrat would have your skills.     The Appomattox County Democratic Committee did themselves proud.     I had a wonderful time and I thank Chairman McCoy for extending the invitation.       Until we meet again, stay strong.

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