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Friday, September 25, 2015

GOP In-Fighting Destroys Republican Party

As the new face of the republican party Donald J Trump 
will have quite a time stitching the GOP back together.

These two jokers are Happy,   Happy,   Happy.

Boehner Announces He's Quitting,  ALL CRYIED OUT.

Here's a big  KISS for you!

House Speaker John Boehner has had enough. And on Friday at a closed meeting with his Republican members, he told them he plans to retire from Congress and resign his seat effective Oct. 30.

Boehner was facing a no confidence challenge to his leadership from the 40+ members of the conservative Freedom Caucus, who’ve been increasingly frustrated at Boehner’s inability to block President Obama’s second-term agenda, everything from the Iran deal to making a dent in Obamacare.    Such a vote would’ve forced Boehner into the arms of Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats in order to survive, a move Boehner was apparently unwilling to make.    So, he resigned.

“Speaker Boehner believes that the first job of any Speaker is to protect this institution,”  his office said in a statement.   “The Speaker believes putting members through prolonged leadership turmoil would do irreparable damage to the institution.”

Almost since his first day in office, Boehner has struggled to reign in his right flank.   This wasn’t the speakership he’d envisioned.    As a young member in the 1990s, Boehner’s sole portrait in his office was of Nicholas Longworth, the last speaker from Ohio.   As I wrote in our TIME cover story on Boehner at the beginning of his 
speakership, he idolized Longworth, who was known for his pragmatism and deal making.   But with his hands tied by the Tea Party, there were no deals Boehner could make;  His attempts to pass sweeping legislation—a Grand Bargain to reduce long-term deficits, immigration reform, even tax reform—all fell victim to his party’s internal strife.

Boehner, 65, had planned to retire at the end of 2014, his office finally admitted publically for the first time after years of denying rumors.    He’d bought a condo in Florida in February 2014, only to see his heir apparent, Majority Leader Eric Cantor lose his seat, another Tea Party casualty, forcing Boehner to soldier on.    “The Speaker’s plan was to serve only through the end of last year.    Leader Cantor’s loss in his primary changed that calculation,”  his office said in a statement.

Boehner, a devout Catholic, on Thursday hosted Pope Francis and, his office said, prayed on the decision looming before him.   The no confidence vote seems to be the final straw that broke Boehner’s will to remain.

“I really hope they don’t do it,”  said former Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott, a Mississippi Republican, told me earlier this week of the vote. “I mean, I’m as conservative as they are, John’s as conservative as they are.   We just disagree on tactics.   Their tactics make no sense.”   Indeed, had Boehner stayed, he likely would’ve been forced to ask for Democratic help—and the pound of flesh that they would’ve extracted would’ve killed his speakership any way.   So, he decided, best to move on now rather than beggar his party to the opposition.

Boehner’s exit will likely elevate Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, who took over Cantor’s spot in 2014.    It’s a meteoritic and unlikely rise for the former California deli owner who was only elected to Congress in 2006.   “The right flank likes McCarthy,” says one senior House GOP aide.    “He has done a lot of work to reach out to them and, fairly or unfairly, they feel he listens more to them than Boehner does.”

Up until Friday, Boehner had been aggressively defending his position, granting an interview with Politico last week to underline his money-raising prowess.   But, clearly, his calculations changed this week as he faced the no confidence vote followed by what is increasingly likely to be another government shutdown in late November or early December.

The conference greeted the news with mixed feelings.   While some on the right celebrated, others expressed remorse.   “Speaker Boehner has led the House through some of the toughest times our country has ever faced and did so with poise, patience, and an unmatched grace,” said Rep. Ed Royce, a California Republican who chairs the House Foreign Affairs Committee.   “He will be sorely missed.   I thank John for his service to our nation and wish him and Debbie all the best moving forward.”

Speaker of the House John Boehner, R-Ohio, announced Friday he will resign from Congress -- his seat as well as his speakership -- at the end of October after more than 20 years on Capitol Hill. 

       Does This Mo Fo  ever Smile?
The resignation will likely see a throng of Republicans vie to replace Boehner, who in recent months has faced pressure to step down over internal GOP fighting on issues such as funding for disease research, an education bill and the possible renewal of the Export-Import Bank. 


Below is a list of the members most likely to replace him.     The list of those interested in cutting his throat is 8x the listed names.

1. Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif.:  McCarthy has been the House majority leader since August 2014, after Eric Cantor was defeated in a primary and resigned, and was previously the majority whip.    Just last week the Californian said he supported Boehner, but in a recent Politico report he was named as one of the top candidates to move into the speakership.

2. Paul Ryan, R-Wis.: Along with McCarthy, the former Budget Committee chairman and 2012 Republican vice presidential nominee is rumored by Politico to be a likely pick.   He is popular among the House conference and is one of the best-known Republicans in the country.   Like McCarthy, he also placed his support behind Boehner just last week.   But in the immediate aftermath of Boehner's announcement, Ryan told NBC news that he would not run and that  "it's a good job for an empty nester."   Ryan has young children.

3. Jeb Hensarling, R-Texas:   The chairman of the Financial Services Committee, who stepped down from his position as the fourth-ranking House Republican in January 2013, has only recently been associated with a possible run for speaker. Hensarling would command support from the powerful Texas delegation, the largest Republican state bloc in the House.

4. Tom Price, R-Ga.:   The current chairman of the Budget Committee has been seen as a potential speaker since he lost out on the bid for conference chairman to Rep. Cathy McMorris-Rodgers of Washington in January 2013.    His main support will come from grassroots conservatives.   In 2014, he showed that he wished to remain a force in the GOP House by passing on the open Georgia Senate seat.

5. Steve Scalise, R-La.:   The House majority whip has been a prominent name in the GOP since he brought calm during a rough patch for the party during the 112th Congress when a debt limit crisis caused deep divides.   Likeo Price, Scalise decided to stay in power in the House instead of launching a Senate bid in 2014.

Embattled Speaker John Boehner, who rose from bartender's son to the most powerful man in Congress, will resign at the end of October, ending a tumultuous five-year tenure atop the House of Representatives.

Boehner, 65, planned to leave Congress at the end of 2014, one of his aides said Friday morning, but returned because of the unexpected defeat of Eric Cantor.

In the coming weeks, Boehner expected conservatives to try to strip him of his speakership — a vote he felt he could win, but one he and his allies thought would do serious harm to the institution.

Boehner was visibly emotional as he exited a meeting with Republicans surrounded by security guards.   He declined to answer questions but said "thank you" when a reporter congratulated him on his retirement.

"This is a wonderful day," said the Ohio Republican, who canceled a scheduled news conference.

"The speaker believes putting members through prolonged leadership turmoil would do irreparable damage to the institution," a Boehner aide said. "He is proud of what this majority has accomplished, and his speakership, but for the good of the Republican Conference and the institution, he will resign the speakership and his seat in Congress, effective Oct. 30."

On Thursday evening as he left the Capitol, Boehner told two reporters — one from POLITICO and another from The Washington Post — that he had nothing left to accomplish after he brought Pope Francis to the Capitol. When asked if he was resigning, Boehner laughed before exiting into an awaiting SUV with his Capitol Police detail.

First elected to the House in 1990, Boehner came into power on the momentum of the 2010 tea party wave.   But it was that movement that gave him constant problems.   He clashed with the right over the debt limit, government funding, Obamacare and taxes.  But his tenure will also be remembered for his complicated relationship with President Barack Obama.   He and Obama tried — but repeatedly failed — to cut a deal on a sweeping fiscal agreement.

But Boehner has had some significant victories, including the trade deal that Congress passed this year, and changes to entitlement programs.

Now that he doesn't have internal political considerations to weigh, Boehner is certain to push through a government-funding bill next week that funds Planned Parenthood and keeps the government open.

Conservatives roar as Rubio tells a crowd of Boehner's demise

“I have been doing this for 27 years, and this is the most selfless act that I have ever seen,” said Rep. Lynn Westmoreland (R-Ga.) who is close with both Boehner and House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.).   Rep. Jeb Hensarling (R-Texas), a former member of leadership who has clashed with Boehner, also called the Ohio Republican’s move  “one of the selfless acts I’ve seen in politics.”

“In the two years I served at the leadership table both my respect and affection grew for John Boehner," Hensarling said.

Conservatives – many of them members of the House Freedom Caucus – said they’re already preparing for the vote to replace Boehner.

“He has a long record of distinguished service but it's time for new leadership,”  said Rep. Tim Huelskamp (R-Kan.).    “Conservatives will be working together, it's not going to be one or two of us, we're going to make a deal.”

Boehner's decision, relayed in a closed Republican meeting Friday morning, will indeed set off one of the most intense leadership scrambles in modern Congressional GOP politics.    Second in line is McCarthy, who is widely expected to serve as the next speaker.    But there is serious unrest in the House Republican ranks, as a small clutch of conservatives have continuously clashed with establishment Republicans.    It takes 218 votes on the House floor to win the speakership, and many GOP insiders believe that McCarthy is the only person who could cobble together a coalition to win.

Should McCarthy win, it will set off an intense battle for majority leader.   Boehner allies appear to be rallying around McCarthy for speaker already, providing him a hefty base for the internal House Republican Conference election, and a speaker vote on the House floor.

One man is already taking himself out of the contest.    Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) said he will not run for any position.

“That is a good job for an empty nester,”  Ryan said.    “This was an act of pure selflessness”

The posturing within GOP ranks has been going on for weeks.    House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) has been laying the groundwork for that battle, as has House Republican 
Conference Chairman Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-Wash.).    Chief Deputy Whip Patrick McHenry (R-N.C.) will be favored for House Republican whip.

There are wildcards, however.    Rep. Peter Roskam (R-Ill.), who has recently gained favor with the conservative right, is expected to eye a slot.

Boehner is one in a long line of speakers who have struggled with unrest in their own ranks, perhaps most notably dating back to Jim Wright, a Texas Democrat ousted in 1989 who lamented the “mindless cannibalism” of his colleagues.    In the aftermath of Wright's resignation, hyper-partisanship seemed to take hold, leading to heightened gridlock in Congress that many subsequent speakers have fought to break loose.

As for Boehner, there will be time for his close-knit team of aides to toast his speakership.    He is holding a barbecue Sunday in Washington for current and former staff.

Conservatives celebrated the news.    Heritage Action quickly issued a statement celebrating Boehner’s resignation.    “Americans deserve a Congress that fights for opportunity for all and favoritism to none,”  CEO Michael Needham said in a statement.    “Too often, Speaker Boehner has stood in the way.”

In another sign of the triumphant feeling among conservatives, the crowd at the Values Voter Summit broke into cheers when Sen. Marco Rubio announced that Boehner was stepping down.

At her weekly news conference, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) called the resignation "seismic" and "a stark indication of the disarray of the House Republicans.”

Pelosi and Boehner have not yet spoken, Pelosi said.    She had called him around 8:30 a.m. earlier Friday to check in on the latest on the government shutdown fight, but was told he was in a meeting and that he would call back.    She found out during a weekly Democratic caucus meeting, as phones lit up with the news of the resignation.

Government officials in Amherst County, Virginia can now require employers to fire any ex-con

The County issues business licenses for the privilege of doing business or exercising a trade, profession, occupation, vocation, calling, or activity in the County.   The [Amherst County Commissioner of Revenue] may withdraw the privilege of doing business or exercising a trade, profession, occupation, vocation, calling, or activity by revoking a business license if the licensee:   a Has been convicted in any court of a felony or of any crime or offense involving moral turpitude under the laws of any state, or of the United States, or knowingly employs in the business conducted under such license, as agent, servant, or employee, any person who has been convicted in any court of a felony or of any crime or offense involving moral turpitude.

Government officials in Amherst County, Virginia can now require employers to fire any ex-con

By Eugene Volokh August 31  
From Amherst County (Virginia) ordinance No. 2015-0004 (enacted May 19, 2015):

So if you have a felony conviction, or a misdemeanor involving moral turpitude — e.g., petty theft or making a false statement — then you could be stripped of your business license, so you can’t go into business for yourself.    And if you’re working for someone else, the Commissioner can demand that you be fired; if you’re not fired, that counts as the employer’s “failure to take effective” “remedial action,” and your employer can be stripped of its license.

Thus, if you have any felony (or misdemeanor “moral turpitude”) conviction in Amherst County, your livelihood is at the mercy of the Commissioner of Revenue.   True, your 
employer could appeal the Commissioner’s decision to the County Board of Supervisors, or possibly to a court (which would then likely apply a rather deferential standard of review, given that the ordinance gives the Commissioner discretion). But that will only help if the employer goes to the expense, trouble, and political risk of going to bat 
for you, rather than just taking the easy way out and firing you on the government’s demand.

And this isn’t limited to particular job categories and particular criminal histories (e.g., barring people with child sex abuse records from working in day care centers, barring people with recent DUIs from driving trucks, and so on).    If the Commissioner wishes, anyone with the specified kind of conviction could essentially be disqualified from pretty much any job in the County.   Better not get on the Commissioner’s bad side, or have your employer get on the Commissioner’s bad side.

Let's read some comments from readers.    How do You feel about this?     Were You Aware this had been passed?      Who sponsored and wrote it?      Who's hand is responsible for this?


Dan Wendlick
9/9/2015 3:05 PM EDT
There wouldn't happen to be someone in the county commissioners office named Javert by any chance?

Bruce Amsbary
9/3/2015 5:13 PM EDT
Great, make felons and cons unemployable! What a great way to keep them from recommitting.

Jimmy Whitehead
9/3/2015  7:25 PM EDT
What will the tight ass rednecks and tea party scum do next?     Does Amherst County ever see the sunshine?

Suzanne Riley
9/3/2015 1:01 PM EDT
I thought the purpose of prison terms was for a criminal to pay his 'debt' to society. Upon release in my mind, they paid for their crime. Studies show steady home, steady job and family/community support prevents reoffending by 92%. Why on earth would these fools want to take away a key element of keeping people out of prison and being productive members of society?

Bruce Amsbary
9/3/2015 5:13 PM EDT
The operative word in your comment is "fools."

Mama Chit Chat
9/1/2015 4:40 PM EDT
So basically, the old farts in Amherst, VA have nothing better to do than to legally keep people who have presumably already "paid their debt to society" from earning an honest living? Is it Constitutionally legal to levy a second punishment? Are they in a roundabout way attempting to create more crime in the area?

Ed Grinberg
9/1/2015 1:02 PM EDT
I find this law less objectionable than those that prevent employers from "discriminating" against ex-cons.

9/1/2015 6:02 PM EDT
I find them equally offensive.

8/31/2015 11:59 PM EDT
In response to what both liberals and libertarians seem to realize is a terrible policy (while perhaps disagreeing as to why), may I suggest a compromise.  
 This policy should be struck down, not on the overbroad and limitless theory that it violates some substantive "freedom of contract," but on the narrower and (from a social-justice standpoint) pretty unimpeachable grounds that it denies ex-cons the right to work without notice and an opportunity to be heard. (As far as I can tell from reading it, the only party accorded procedural due process by this statute is the business owner, not the ex-con.)

David M. Nieporent
9/1/2015 6:05 AM EDT
So your idea of "compromise" is that libertarians should abandon libertarian arguments and adopt liberal ones that don't address libertarian concerns? 
 (How exactly would "notice and an opportunity to be heard" mitigate this law? What would the hearing look like? "Are you an ex-con?" "Yes." "Business license denied.")

9/1/2015 7:54 AM EDT
No, I think PT meant it as in, keep getting continuances forever while continuing to work.

Eric Rasmusen
8/31/2015 9:11 PM EDT
I'd want to know what the ordinance means before I approved or disapproved of it. Suppose someone convicted of five burglaries comes in and says he wants a business license to operate as a plumber, or a locksmith, or an electrician. Should the city not be able to deny him a license? I think most customers would like that--- or at least would like to be informed that they are letting an ex-(?) burglar into their house. On the other hand, if this means that the city officials *must* deny a car repair business license to someone convicted of rape or murder, that's a bad thing, because ex-cons should be working at something legitimate.

9/1/2015 12:03 AM EDT
See my proposal above, which would require a hearing before a person could be blacklisted from a particular position in this manner. I may be naive, but I would hope that a hearing requirement would help to differentiate your two hypotheticals.    Leave to live by no man’s leave, underneath the Law.   It’s more like “leave to live by the Commissioner of Revenue’s leave, underneath the Commissioner’s discretion” in Amherst County, so long as you have any conviction for felony, misdemeanor petty theft, misdemeanor false statement, and the like.

Eric Rasmusen
8/31/2015 9:11 PM EDT
I'd want to know what the ordinance means before I approved or disapproved of it.   Suppose someone convicted of five burglaries comes in and says he wants a business license to operate as a plumber, or a locksmith, or an electrician.   Should the city not be able to deny him a license?   I think most customers would like that--- or at least would like to be informed that they are letting an ex-(?) burglar into their house.   On the other hand, if this means that the city officials *must* deny a car repair business license to someone convicted of rape or murder, that's a bad thing, because ex-cons should be working at something legitimate.

9/1/2015 12:03 AM EDT
See my proposal above, which would require a hearing before a person could be blacklisted from a particular position in this manner. I may be naive, but I would hope that a hearing requirement would help to differentiate your two hypotheticals.

David Welker
8/31/2015 8:01 PM EDT [Edited]
Hint to libertarians: 
 If you want to be more effective in your diatribes against arbitrary government power, THIS is the sort of thing you should be focusing on. Not the supposed horrors of businesses being required to put warning labels on their products.  
 I would actually be very happy if libertarians got their way on the top 50% of their priorities where they fight to curb ACTUAL abuse of government power. It is the other 50% that I worry about.

8/31/2015 8:07 PM EDT
Finally some help in the question at the top of every libertarian's mind, "what would Welker do..."

David Welker
8/31/2015 8:12 PM EDT [Edited]
There are more liberals than libertarians... So compared to you, I am in the majority. 
 By the way, do you actually have any substantive disagreements with my point???  
 I don't think you can come up with one. Because let's face it, you just aren't that smart.

8/31/2015 8:29 PM EDT
"By the way, do you actually have any substantive disagreements with my point??? " 
 Your point that libertarians should focus on things that you think are actual abuses of government power? Yeesh. Talk about not being very smart. Obviously the reason so few people on either side agree with you on much of anything is that nobody is smart enough to reach the conclusions that you reach.

David Welker
8/31/2015 8:59 PM EDT
 You lose. You did not formulate a coherent statement of disagreement. And I did not think you would be able to either. 
 Just a bunch of mumbling. 
 It is pretty obvious that if you want to be effective, you have to prioritize. That libertarians focus so much energy complaining about things that are just not that bad (like government mandated warnings on products) is an example of the failure to do so.

9/9/2015 1:12 PM EDT
Sorry, but most (all?) libertarians that I know try to apply logic, reason, liberty and the non-aggression principle to 100% of topics. If we only apply logic to 50% and apply "feel good" to the other 50%, then we would fall into the Dem/Rep category. Granted, being a Dem or a Rep that applies even 50% logic to anything would be a huge improvement!  Smile

Moishe Pipik
8/31/2015 7:22 PM EDT
And then when you do comply with the law, you'll get hit with a "disparate impact" lawsuit, and you will not win that case.

8/31/2015 7:16 PM EDT
I have to question whether such an ordinance would be allowed under the 14th amendment to say nothing of the 8th

9/2/2015 9:55 PM EDT
That was my first thought as well.   No one takes Meyer v Nebraska seriously anymore Frown 
 Without doubt, [the liberty protected by the 14A] denotes not merely freedom from bodily restraint but also the right of the individual to contract, to engage in any of the common occupations of life, to acquire useful knowledge, to marry, establish a home and bring up children, to worship God according to the dictates of his own conscience, and generally to enjoy those privileges long recognized at common law as essential to the orderly pursuit of happiness by free men.

Western Rover
8/31/2015 7:13 PM EDT
Doesn't sound much different from the "sheriff's card" scheme that has been running for decades in the Las Vegas area, not just for the usual fingerprinted jobs like kindergarten teacher or security guard, but for all kinds of other jobs, from landscaper to waitress to HVAC tech.    That scheme has been often criticized but never struck down as far as I know.

8/31/2015 6:30 PM EDT [Edited]
If only the courts would recognize a Liberty of Contract to allow businesses and employers to live without overbearing government oppression. Seems to me this would be a perfect case to revive the doctrine that the government can't interfere in such relationships without at least intermediate scrutiny.

8/31/2015 7:18 PM EDT
Given that this was the legal theory used to strike down anti-child labor laws and minimum wage laws, I think I will pass

8/31/2015 7:27 PM EDT
Ain't no way that could possibly screw with ex-cons!

8/31/2015 3:39 PM EDT
This strikes me as less a law to deal with a real problem than a law to expedite the solicitation of bribes.

Smooth_like a Rhapsody
8/31/2015 2:29 PM EDT
They are merely making sure that Hillary does not decide to move to town.

8/31/2015 2:09 PM EDT
Seems like the spot where the start to go off the rails is... "the privilege of doing business or exercising a trade, profession, occupation, vocation, calling, or activity in the County."

8/31/2015 1:46 PM EDT
A good case for the right-to-work folks to take up if they were actually interested in... the right to work.

8/31/2015 1:31 PM EDT
This seems like as good a test case as any to breathe some economic liberty back into the Constitution.

Rev. Arthur Kirkland
8/31/2015 1:23 PM EDT [Edited]
Finding authoritarian scolds running the show in the Lynchburg area doesn't surprise me.   Most of Virginia (population aside) is old-timey area, closer to West Virginia than to developed areas. After the young and educated depart for better locations, what's left is your Amherst County commissioners/council members/supervisors/selectmen/whatever.

8/31/2015 1:34 PM EDT
I hate agreeing with the Reverend but dang if he doesn't seem right here (with regard to the Lynchburg area).   This screams "morality for thee but not for me" and is devoid of the compassion that Christianity (at its best) excels at in favor of the judgement that Christianity(tm) (at its worst) revels in. 
 That said, I don't think most of Virginia is this way, even the more rural parts, there is something unique about the Amherst- Lynchburg area.

Michael Masinter
8/31/2015 2:08 PM EDT
West Virginia seceded from Virginia once already. Please don't tar West Virginians (I was born and reared in West Virgninia) with the sins of Virginians.

Rev. Arthur Kirkland
8/31/2015 7:05 PM EDT [Edited]
I was born and reared in West Virgninia 
 I hope you have overcome your provenance. I would wish West Virginia on no one.

David Welker
8/31/2015 8:02 PM EDT [Edited]
 Hey! Don't be mean. West Virginia fought on the right side of the Civil War. So there is that.  
 It isn't all bad.

David M. Nieporent
9/1/2015 6:01 AM EDT
I hope you have overcome your provenance.   I would wish West Virginia on no one. 
 Well, except all the Jews you want to deport there.

8/31/2015 1:15 PM EDT
Gosh, I wonder what an ex-con who's barred from making a living at a honest job will do.  Only good things, I guess.

Jeff Walden
9/1/2015 12:23 AM EDT

Getting into politics doesn't require a business license, does it?

Amherst Democratic News


Tuesday, September 8, 2015

ELLEN ARTHUR: Democrat With a Spine

These Photos are from a recent Meet and Greet hosted by Ned Kable, Amherst County Democratic Chairman.

Why I'm Running

I believe that the people of the 24th District deserve to be represented by someone who will put their interests first.  I will be a fighter and an advocate for my constituents and I will not allow special interests to buy my support.  I believe that the previous decade of legislation has neglected our children, our planet, and the most vulnerable members of our community.  It is time to change 
direction and Move Virginia Forward!

Get Involved!

We are looking for supporters to help with our movement by knocking on doors, making phone calls, writing letters to the editor, and more.   If you are interested in volunteering please email and let us know what your special talent is!

Sign Our Petition

The people of the 24th District deserve to hear the issues discussed during a true debate with the two candidates.  The Lexington News-Gazette and Washington and Lee University have both offered to sponsor a neutral debate.   Declare your support for a debate by signing our petition today.

Plan to Vote!

Do you plan to vote on November 3rd? Make the pledge to vote and help take back the House of Delegates!


Passing Medicaid expansion could insure up to 400,000 Virginians. Increasing the minimum wage to a living wage would directly affect the lives of up to 511,000 Virginians.   The average teacher salary in Virginia ranks only 35th among all 50 states.   We have decreased funding to our schools by 11 percent per pupil since 2008.   Find out more about where Virginia currently stands on these issues, and the vision that I see for the future by clicking here.

To Make a Donation    Click Here

Voter Registration

The last day to register to vote is October 13th.   Need to register? Need an absentee ballot?   Not sure where to vote?   All of the information you need can be found here.

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To play Ellen Arthur announcing her candidacy  Play Speech

At this stage of the campaign, the highest priority is fundraising. We’ll need funds to hire a professional campaign manager, rent a headquarters, produce bumper stickers, buttons and yard signs, etc. Remember that Ben Cline never has any problem raising lots of money from his corporate and wealthy right-wing friends. And once they find out he has a serious opponent, he’ll be getting even more. Please help by sending a check payable to “Ellen Arthur for House of Delegates” to:

Ellen Arthur for House of Delegates

502 Taylor Street

Lexington, VA 24450

Be sure to include the following information:
–Your name
–Your address
–Your phone number
–Your occupation and employer
Thanks. And please– spread the word!
Thank You in Advance for Your much needed help.

I believe that the people in the 24th District deserve to hear 

the issues discussed during a one-on-one debate. If you 

stand with me then please sign this petition today!

Sign Petition

Ellen Arthur, who is retiring after 35 years as a practicing attorney in Lexington and vicinity, will 
kick off her campaign for the Democratic nomination for the 24th District House of Delegates seat currently occupied by Republican Ben Cline on Thursday April 2 at 10 a.m. in front of the 
old courthouse in Amherst, 113 Taylor Street.   She will similarly kick off her campaign that day 
in front of the Augusta County Courthouse in Staunton at 1 p.m. and at Hopkins Green Park in 
downtown Lexington at 4 p.m.  She will appear in Bath County on a date to be announced shortly.

The public is invited to all these events.

"Although I've never run for political office before, I am very concerned about the direction that politics have taken in Virginia, especially in the General Assembly," Ms. Arthur said. "Too many legislators are more concerned about pleasing well-funded interests and getting reelected than they are in serving the needs of their constituents.

"I am concerned about the future of Virginia and am running for office to do my part to build a better Virginia for our children and grandchildren.

"I'm especially troubled by Delegate Cline's strenuous opposition to the expansion of Medicaid in Virginia under the Affordable Care Act. Medicaid expansion, which is being implemented even by Republican controlled legislatures in other states, would allow up to 400,000 working Virginians, including thousands of hard-working people in the 24th District, to obtain health insurance. 

Virginians currently are paying federal taxes to fund Medicaid expansion and getting nothing in return. Medicaid expansion would pay for itself. Virginians currently pays for services to people who lack health insurance from the state general fund, as do all of us in higher health care expenses.   Expanding Medicaid would allow Virginia to use the federal dollars and reduce the state's costs.

Ellen Arthur will challenge Ben Cline for 24th District House of Delegates seat
"I'm also concerned about the cozy relationship between too many of our state's legislators and Dominion Virginia Power. Landowners in southern Augusta County face having their land taken for the construction of a natural gas pipeline by Dominion. Gas pipelines are inherently dangerous to both landowners and the environment. Building pipelines to transport fossil fuels is an investment in obsolete and dwindling energy sources. We should be using that money to create well-paying jobs harnessing other energy sources such as solar and wind power."

Ms. Arthur is committed to equal pay for women, raising the minimum wage to allow working families to support themselves without public assistance, and the expansion of high-speed internet to rural areas to encourage the growth of clean high-tech industries which rely on modern communications.

Ms. Arthur has worked as an attorney for the Legal Aid Society of the Roanoke Valley and has conducted a practicum course for the Washington and Lee Law School. She has, for most of her career, had a solo practice focused on family law and is legal counsel for the Rockbridge County SPCA, also serving on the organization's board. She lives on a 13-acre farm in Rockbridge County which she maintains herself, and keeps two horses, three dogs and two cats.  She has been a resident of the 24th District for 39 years.

Ms. Arthur, 68, the daughter of a factory worker, was born in New Jersey (the oldest of six children) and graduated from Washington and Lee Law School in 1979. She has two sons and five grandchildren.

The 24th District includes Bath and Rockbridge Counties, the Cities of Buena Vista and Lexington, the southern part of Augusta County and the northern part of Amherst County.

A message from Ellen Arthur’s new campaign manager Tara Rountree:

Hello everyone!

I am so excited to be joining the campaign 

and I am so thrilled by all of the wonderful 

support Ellen has in the 24th- specifically 

coming from such engaged and active 

committees.  If you ever need anything or 

have any questions, please email or call me 

at any time.  I hope to work closely with all of 


While I’m incredibly excited for what is in store, I 

also know there is a LOT of work to be done.  Before 

I came along there wasn’t a field plan at all, and I 

would like to implement an aggressive field strategy 

so we can win.  I have predicted that we need 6,000 

people to vote for Ellen on Election Day November 3 

in order for her to win. If turnout is lower than I 

predicted, it could be less.  The number one way to 

win is to talk to voters!  This means knocking on 

doors and making phone calls.

I will be in the campaign headquarters, 111 West 

Nelson, starting Monday, every night from 5-8pm for 

people to make calls. If I am not there I will have a 

volunteer there in my place. I am going to have very 

targeted call lists for people to call from so we make 

sure we are talking to the right people.

SAVE THE DATE: On Saturday September 12th at 9:30 am we are going to have a big canvass kickoff for Lexington and Rockbridge. I want us to hit as many people on the doors in the Democratic precincts as possible. Ellen will be joining us, so please try to come for this exciting and important event. If we have 15 volunteers for this then we can talk to 500 people. If everyone brings a friend then we can talk to 1,000 people!!!
Ellen’s Vineyard fundraiser on Saturday September 5 from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. is going to be a great time, but we would really like to increase the turnout as much as possible. State Senator Creigh Deeds will be there and we will have live music. You can order tickets online at Starting Monday August 31, while I am at campaign headquarters from 5pm-8pm, I will also be selling paper tickets for the Vineyard event. I understand that when they originally planned the event paper tickets were not an option, but because of the amount of people who requested them, or expressed interest in purchasing at the door, I have designed tickets for folks to buy.
I have plans for Ellen to have an ad on the radio in a couple of weeks so these events are so crucial to making that happen. Getting her name out there and increasing her name recognition is so important in an off year election like this one.
Lastly, Labor Day is coming up, so please consider walking with us in the Labor Day parade on Monday September 7 in Buena Vista. Our visibility is going to be critical especially knowing the resources available to our opponent. There will be lots of signs for you to hold, and two vehicles if you would prefer not to walk. If you can participate, join us at 9 a.m. at the Parry McCluer Middle School, 2329 Chestnut Ave., in Buena Vista. The parade will end at Glen Maury Park, where there will be speeches by Ellen and Creigh Deeds.
All the best,
Tara Rountree
Campaign Manager

Cozy relationships between state legislators and utility giant Dominion Resources threaten property rights to develop the wrong kind of energy, said House of Delegates candidate Ellen Arthur.
Arthur, a retired Lexington attorney, is seeking the Democratic nomination to challenge Republican Ben Cline for the 24th District House seat.
Gas pipelines are dangerous to landowners and the environment, and developing fossil fuels in an investment in obsolete and dwindling energy resources, Arthur said in a statement.
"We should be using that money to create well-paying jobs harnessing other energy resources such as solar and wind power," said Arthur, 68.
She also thinks the state should expand Medicaid to free billions in federal dollars available through the Affordable Care Act. Failing to do so foregoes money that Virginia taxpayers have paid into and denies health insurance to 400,000 Virginians, Arthur said.
"Virginians currently are paying federal taxes for Medicaid expansion and getting nothing in return," she said.
She is a New Jersey native who graduated from Washington and Lee Law School. Arthur practiced family law and worked for the Legal Aid Society of the Roanoke Valley, according to a release that accompanied her campaign kickoff. She has lived in the 24th District for 39 years.
Equal pay for women, a higher minimum wage and expansion of high-speed Internet to rural communities are other goals for Arthur.

In her pursuit of the 24th District House of Delegates seat, Ellen Arthur spoke in front of the Amherst County Courthouse last Thursday, calling the cool April wind a breeze of hope.

Her hope is to bring affordable college education and alternative energy to the district seat. Her biggest goal is to expand the Medicaid program, saying that the poor are covered and the hard working need to be covered, too, instead of paying expenses out of pocket.

“Medicaid expansion will have the biggest impact,” Arthur said. “It will inspire the economy and inspire the health of the people.”

Arthur, of Rockbridge County, aims to gain the Democratic nomination and unseat Ben Cline, longtime Republican representative to the 24th District. She said her determination comes from her own experience and her connection to the people of Virginia.

She presented a resume that included putting herself through college and law school, and spending 40 years as an attorney in the commonwealth before retiring last year.

“This is my chance to give back, and I feel like I have translatable skills from my time as an attorney,” Arthur said. “I’ve worked hard for everything — I can identify with hard work.”

Her recognition of hard working individuals also plays into her desire for affordable higher education.

“Colleges are not doing enough, they are not helping poor, smart kids anymore, we need to do that again,” Arthur said.

“Students are the investment in the future — we need to help schools and students.”

Arthur also briefly touched on the energy issue by saying that an investment in drilling and pipelines is an investment in obsolete energy sources. She suggested that instead of these methods, wind farms and solar power would create jobs.

“We need to harness the wind and the sun,” she said.

Arthur finished her call to action with another reference to the persistent April breeze.

“Come November, it’ll be a mighty wind, and we’ll ride into Richmond on that wind!”

Arthur also made campaign stops in Staunton and Lexington last Thursday.

Reached by phone Friday, Cline offered no comments specifically on Arthur but said his focus is on continuing to deliver for the people of the 24th District.

Benjamin Cline has refused to provide 

voters with positions on key issues 

covered by the 2015 Political Courage 

Test, despite repeated requests. 

 Historically, candidates have failed to complete our test due to the advice they receive from their parties and advisors and out of fear of negative attack ads. Benjamin Cline is still welcome to submit the test at any time.

Benjamin Cline's Campaign Finances



Unknown State$0.00
Party Committee$0.00
Leadership Committee$0.00
Personal Funds$2,386.38
Individual Contributions$5,300.00
Public Funding$0.00
Institutions and Companies$0.00
Total Contributions213
Cycle: 2013
Data is from a previous election cycle.
Data provided by

Top Contributors

LOAN MAX$1,500.00
SABRE, INC.$1,500.00
FLUOR CORP$1,000.00
THE GOOD FUND$1,000.00
SABRE, INC$1,000.00
ORTHO PAC$750.00
S & M BRANDS$500.00
BECK JR., T. E.$500.00

Top Industries

Lawyers & Lobbyists$14,264.45
Telecom Services & Equipment$9,250.00
Health Professionals$8,500.00
Unitemized Contributions$6,791.59
Payday/Title Loans$4,250.00
Commercial Banks$4,000.00
Computer Equipment & Services$3,000.00
Real Estate$2,750.00
Beer, Wine & Liquor$2,750.00
Oil & Gas$2,600.00
Miscellaneous Energy$2,500.00
Miscellaneous Finance$2,500.00
Retail Sales$2,500.00
Hospitals & Nursing Homes$2,500.00
Sea Transport$2,500.00
Leadership PACs$2,386.38
Tobacco companies & tobacco product sales$2,250.00
Finance & Credit Companies$2,000.00
Public Sector Unions$1,750.00
Construction Services$1,500.00
Miscellaneous Transport$1,250.00
General Contractors$1,000.00
Conservative Policy Organization$1,000.00
Chemical & Related Manufacturing$1,000.00
Electric Utilities$750.00
Food Processing & Sales$750.00
Miscellaneous Manufacturing & Distributing$750.00
Farm Bureau$500.00
Home Builders$500.00
Electronics Manufacturing & Services$500.00
Waste Management$500.00
Credit Unions$500.00
Pharmaceuticals & Health Products$500.00
Lodging & Tourism$500.00
Agricultural Services & Products$250.00
TV & Movie Production/Distribution$250.00
Food & Beverage$250.00

Top Sectors

Finance, Insurance & Real Estate$22,400.00
Lawyers & Lobbyists$14,264.45
Communications & Electronics$13,000.00
Energy & Natural Resources$11,600.00
General Business$10,000.00
Unitemized Contributions$6,791.59
Candidate Contributions$2,386.38
Ideology/Single Issue$1,000.00
Government Agencies/Education/Other$150.00

How Ben Cline Votes.

DateBill No.Bill TitleOutcomeVote
Feb. 27, 2015HB 1570Increases Regulations on Day Care ProvidersConference Report Adopted - House
(68 - 26)
March 25, 2014HB 50022014-2016 Biennium BudgetBill Passed - House
(68 - 31)
Feb. 26, 2014SB 236Authorizes Religious Expression in Public SchoolsBill Passed - House
(64 - 34)
Feb. 6, 2014HB 11Requires New Textbooks to Refer to The East SeaBill Passed - House
(81 - 15)
Feb. 6, 2014HJ 9Encourages Congress to Convene a Constitutional ConventionJoint Resolution Failed - House
(29 - 67)
Feb. 3, 2014HB 706Authorizes Legislators to Hire Counsel to Represent Virginia in CourtBill Passed - House
(65 - 32)
Jan. 30, 2014HB 63Authorizes Home-Schooled Students to Participate in Public School Interscholastic ProgramsBill Passed - House
(60 - 39)
Jan. 28, 2014HB 1237Authorizes Hunting on SundaysBill Passed - House
(71 - 27)
Jan. 22, 2014HB 1052Authorizes the Use of Alternative Methods of ExecutionBill Passed - House
(64 - 32)
Jan. 17, 2014HB 1237Authorizes Hunting on SundaysHouseCo-sponsor
Jan. 7, 2014HB 706Authorizes Legislators to Hire Counsel to Represent Virginia in CourtHouseCo-sponsor
Feb. 22, 2013HB 2313Repeals the Retail Gas Tax and Establishes a Wholesale Gas TaxConference Report Adopted - House
(60 - 40)
Feb. 20, 2013SB 1256Requires Photo Identification for VotingBill Passed - House
(65 - 34)
Feb. 20, 2013SB 1324Establishes Education Institution and BoardBill Passed - House
(64 - 34)
Feb. 12, 2013SB 1335Prohibits Disclosure of Concealed Firearm Permit InformationBill Passed - House
(76 - 23)
Feb. 4, 2013HB 1999Requires the Development of a School Grading SystemBill Passed - House
(54 - 40)
Jan. 31, 2013HB 1442Authorizes Home-Schooled Students To Participate In Interscholastic ProgramsBill Passed - House
(56 - 43)
Jan. 31, 2013HB 1617Authorizes Student Organizations to Limit MembershipBill Passed - House
(80 - 19)
Jan. 8, 2013HB 1907Increases Fines for Texting While DrivingHouseCo-sponsor
April 17, 2012HB 13012012-2014 BudgetConference Report Adopted - House
(77 - 19)
March 8, 2012SB 1Requires Photo Identification to VoteBill Passed - House
(66 - 31)
March 1, 2012HB 462Requires an Ultrasound Prior to an AbortionConcurrence Vote Passed - House
(61 - 35)

Feb. 22, 2012SB 323Repeals Purchase Limit for HandgunsBill Passed - House
(64 - 32)
Feb. 22, 2012SB 349Authorizing Private Adoption Agencies to Refuse Certain PlacementsBill Passed - House
(71 - 28)
Feb. 14, 2012HB 1Defines Life as Beginning at ConceptionBill Passed - House
(66 - 32)
Feb. 14, 2012HB 1060Requires Law Enforcement to Ask About Immigration Status During an ArrestBill Passed - House
(75 - 25)
Feb. 14, 2012HB 1129Reduces State Employee Retirement BenefitsBill Passed - House
(74 - 26)
Feb. 14, 2012HB 462Requires an Ultrasound Prior to an AbortionBill Passed - House
(63 - 36)
Feb. 13, 2012HB 576Amends Teacher Contract and Evaluation PoliciesBill Passed - House
(55 - 43)
Feb. 9, 2012HB 14Provides Civil Immunity for the Use of Force Against IntrudersBill Passed - House
(75 - 22)
Feb. 9, 2012HB 48Authorizing Physical Force Against IntrudersBill Passed - House
(70 - 28)
Feb. 8, 2012HB 947Authorizes Home-Schooled Students to Participate in Interscholastic ProgramsBill Passed - House
(59 - 39)
Feb. 3, 2012HB 189Authorizes Adoption Agencies to Refuse Adoptions for Religious ReasonsBill Passed - House
(71 - 28)
Feb. 3, 2012HB 62Prohibits State Funding for AbortionBill Passed - House
(64 - 35)
Feb. 1, 2012HB 9Voter Identification RequirementsBill Passed - House
(69 - 30)
Feb. 1, 2012HB 940Repeals Purchase Limit for HandgunsBill Passed - House
(66 - 32)
Jan. 27, 2012HB 1112Repeals HPV Vaccine RequirementBill Passed - House
(62 - 34)
Jan. 13, 2012HB 251Congressional RedistrictingBill Passed - House
(74 - 21)
Jan. 11, 2012HB 1Defines Life as Beginning at ConceptionHouseCo-sponsor
Jan. 11, 2012HB 462Requires an Ultrasound Prior to an AbortionHouseCo-sponsor
Jan. 11, 2012HB 48Authorizing Physical Force Against IntrudersHouseCo-sponsor
April 28, 2011HB 5005Redistricting for State Senate and HouseConcurrence Vote Passed - House
(63 - 7)
April 6, 2011HB 2434Health Benefits ExchangeConcurrence Vote Passed - House
(59 - 36)
Feb. 21, 2011HB 2527Virginia Transportation Infrastructure Fund and BankConcurrence Vote Failed - House
(31 - 68)

Feb. 21, 2011SB 1367Motor Vehicle Title Loans for Non-ResidentsBill Passed - House
(51 - 47)
Feb. 17, 2011SB 1062Health Insurance Coverage of Autism Spectrum DisorderBill Passed - House
(71 - 27)
Feb. 17, 2011SB 1446Transportation BudgetBill Passed - House
(66 - 32)
Feb. 8, 2011HB 1465Excludes Undocumented Immigrants from Public UniversitiesBill Passed - House
(75 - 24)
Feb. 8, 2011HB 2314Education Improvement ScholarshipsBill Passed - House
(54 - 45)
Feb. 8, 2011HB 2332Citizenship of ArresteeBill Passed - House
(68 - 31)

Feb. 1, 2011HJ 593Free Exercise of ReligionAmendment Adopted - House
(61 - 33)
Jan. 12, 2011HB 2314Education Improvement ScholarshipsHouseCo-sponsor
Jan. 12, 2011HJ 593Free Exercise of ReligionHouseCo-sponsor
April 21, 2010Amdt 18Reducing Funding for Public MediaAmendment Rejected - House
(43 - 52)
April 21, 2010Amdt 28Reducing Funding for Comprehensive Services for At Risk Youth and FamiliesAmendment Rejected - House
(25 - 69)
April 21, 2010Amdt 91Limiting State Funding of AbortionAmendment Adopted - House
(64 - 30)
March 14, 2010HB 302010-2012 Biennium BudgetConference Report Adopted - House
(73 - 23)
March 11, 2010HB 505Authorizing Concealed Firearms in Establishments that Serve AlcoholConcurrence Vote Passed - House
(69 - 27)
March 11, 2010HB 885Authorizing Concealed Firearms in VehiclesConcurrence Vote Passed - House
(69 - 28)
March 11, 2010SB 737Requiring Department of Education Review of Charter School ApplicationsBill Passed - House
(62 - 34)
March 9, 2010SB 66Prohibiting Sexual Orientation Discrimination in State Government EmploymentMotion Agreed - House
(55 - 42)
March 2, 2010SB 334Authorizing Concealed Handguns in Establishments that Serve AlcoholBill Passed - House
(72 - 27)
March 2, 2010SB 408Gun Regulation ModificationsBill Passed - House
(74 - 25)
Feb. 16, 2010HB 1108"Trust Women/Respect Choice" License PlatesBill Passed - House
(77 - 22)
Feb. 15, 2010Gilbert Amdt"Trust Women/Respect Choice" License Plate Revenue RedistributionAmendment Adopted - House
(56 - 39)
Feb. 12, 2010SB 283Prohibiting Federal Individual Health Insurance MandateBill Passed - House
(67 - 29)
Feb. 10, 2010HB 53Ban on Required Human Microchip ImplantationBill Passed - House
(88 - 9)
Feb. 9, 2010HB 629Asbestos Lawsuit RestrictionsBill Passed - House
(49 - 48)

Feb. 8, 2010HB 756Allocating Offshore Drilling RoyaltiesBill Passed - House
(71 - 26)
Feb. 3, 2010HB 502Expanding Death Penalty Eligibility to AccomplicesBill Passed - House
(74 - 24)
Jan. 12, 2010HB 505Authorizing Concealed Firearms in Establishments that Serve AlcoholHouseCo-sponsor
Feb. 25, 2009SB 1167Increasing the Fees for Personalized License PlatesBill Failed - House
(41 - 57)
Feb. 25, 2009SB 961Expanding Death Penalty Eligibility to AccomplicesBill Passed - House
(74 - 26)
Feb. 24, 2009SB 1035Allowing Guns in Alcohol-Serving EstablishmentsBill Passed - House
(66 - 33)
Feb. 19, 2009SB 1105Prohibiting Smoking in RestaurantsConference Report Adopted - House
(60 - 39)
Feb. 9, 2009SB 1105Prohibiting Smoking in RestaurantsBill Passed - House
(59 - 39)
Feb. 5, 2009HB 1826Driver's License Suspension for Unexcused School AbsencesBill Passed - House
(68 - 28)
Feb. 4, 2009HB 1671"Derelict Building" Plan RequirementsBill Passed - House
(80 - 17)
Feb. 4, 2009HB 2314Allowing Police Chaplains to Conduct Sectarian PrayerBill Passed - House
(66 - 30)
July 9, 2008SB 6009Transportation TaxesBill Failed - House
(39 - 59)
March 6, 2008SB 588Payday Lending RestrictionsBill Passed - House
(91 - 9)
Feb. 21, 2008HB 302008-2010 Biennium BudgetBill Passed - House
(93 - 5)
Feb. 21, 2008SB 436Concealed Weapons in VehiclesBill Passed - House
(69 - 29)
Feb. 21, 2008SB 476Prohibiting Drinking with a Concealed WeaponBill Passed - House
(62 - 36)
Feb. 11, 2008HB 12Payday Lending RestrictionsBill Passed - House
(91 - 7)
Feb. 8, 2008HB 933"Triggerman Rule" in Capital Murder CasesBill Passed - House
(77 - 21)
Jan. 24, 2008HB 852Collective Bargaining for Governmental EmployeesMotion Rejected - House
(43 - 55)
Jan. 21, 2008HB 188HPV Vaccine Deadline ExtensionBill Passed - House
(57 - 39)
Jan. 8, 2008HB 933"Triggerman Rule" in Capital Murder CasesHouseSponsor
April 4, 2007Governor's Recommendation: Restaurant Smoking BanAmendment Rejected - House
(40 - 59)
April 4, 2007HB 2347Capital Murder of a WitnessVeto Override Passed - House
(83 - 16)
April 4, 2007Sub HB 2348Extension of "Triggerman Rule"Veto Override Passed - House
(79 - 21)
April 4, 2007Sub HB 2750Capital Murder of a JudgeVeto Override Passed - House
(82 - 18)
Feb. 21, 2007H SubRefusal of Medical Treatment for ChildrenBill Passed - House
(89 - 9)
Feb. 21, 2007H Sub to Sub SB 1416Regulation of Electric UtilitiesBill Passed - House
(82 - 16)
Feb. 16, 2007Sub SB 1014Payday Lending RestrictionsBill Passed - House
(72 - 27)
Feb. 16, 2007Sub SB 1204In-State Tuition for Undocumented ImmigrantsBill Passed - House
(81 - 16)
Feb. 6, 2007Sub HB 1778Traffic Light CamerasBill Passed - House
(63 - 35)
Feb. 6, 2007Sub HB 3202Funding for Statewide Transportation ProjectsBill Passed - House
(61 - 37)
Feb. 5, 2007AmendmentStem Cell Research AmendmentAmendment Adopted - House
(58 - 38)

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Feb. 5, 2007Sub HB 2035HPV VaccinationBill Passed - House
(80 - 17)
Feb. 1, 2007Sub HB 2623Denying In-State Tuition to Undocumented ImmigrantsBill Passed - House
(74 - 23)
Jan. 30, 2007Sub HB 1727Participation in School ClubsBill Passed - House
(82 - 15)
Jan. 26, 2007Sub HB 1665Forced or Coerced Abortion BanBill Passed - House
(71 - 27)
Jan. 23, 2007HB 1883Abortion Clinic LicensureBill Passed - House
(60 - 35)
Jan. 17, 2007HB 1977Inaugural Committee Finance ReformBill Passed - House
(62 - 32)
April 19, 2006Governor's Recommendation: Campaign Finance Reporting RequirementsAmendment Rejected - House
(42 - 52)
April 19, 2006Governor's Recommendation: DMV Voter Registration RequirementsAmendment Rejected - House
(27 - 70)
April 19, 2006HB 1106Possession of Concealed WeaponsVeto Override Failed - House
(61 - 36)
April 19, 2006HB 493High School Baccalaureate CeremoniesVeto Override Failed - House
(60 - 36)
April 19, 2006HB 673Commonwealth Transportation BoardVeto Override Failed - House
(58 - 40)
April 12, 2006HB 50022006-2008 Biennium BudgetBill Passed - House
(64 - 29)
April 11, 2006Amdt Item 135-4hDirect Aid To Public EducationAmendment Adopted - House
(59 - 34)
April 11, 2006Amdt Item 391-4hNew Anti-Gang Initiatives Funding AmendmentAmendment Adopted - House
(59 - 36)
April 11, 2006Amdt Item 4-0.01Stem Cell Funding Prohibition AmendmentAmendment Adopted - House
(64 - 30)
April 11, 2006Amdt Item 4-5.04-2hAbortion Funding AmendmentAmendment Adopted - House
(59 - 34)
April 11, 2006Amdt Item 462-4hCentral AppropriationsAmendment Adopted - House
(60 - 35)
March 8, 2006SB 262Virginia Energy PlanBill Passed - House
(74 - 21)
March 7, 2006AmendmentLeBlanc NominationAmendment Adopted - House
(55 - 42)
March 7, 2006SB 526Defining MarriageBill Passed - House
(85 - 12)

Feb. 14, 2006Sub HB 1048Employment of Undocumented ImmigrantsBill Passed - House
(77 - 22)
Feb. 13, 2006HB 782Second-Degree Murder ChargesBill Passed - House
(83 - 16)
Feb. 3, 2006HB 45Death Penalty Age RestrictionsBill Passed - House
(63 - 34)
Feb. 2, 2006HB 1050In-State Tuition for Undocumented ImmigrantsBill Passed - House
(76 - 23)
Feb. 2, 2006Sub HB 262College Admission for Undocumented ImmigrantsBill Passed - House
(67 - 33)
Jan. 31, 2006HB 1308Student Club RestrictionsBill Passed - House
(70 - 29)
Jan. 26, 2006HB 568Flat Tax on Communication ServicesBill Passed - House
(62 - 35)
Jan. 11, 2006HB 1308Student Club RestrictionsHouseCo-sponsor

I hope I have provided you with enough information to show why we the people need Ellen Arthur in Richmond representing our families and lifestyle.     Whenever the power company wants to raise our electric rates Ben Cline is there to grease the way to an easy passage.     Ben is bought and sold, a tool of special  friends who fund his campaign.    Ben Cline does the bidding of the people who own him.    Please help us right our broken system.

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Benjamin Cline has refused to provide 

voters with positions on key issues 

covered by the 2015 Political Courage 

Test, despite repeated requests. 

Sometimes candidates have not voted the 

way you wished and seek to hide their 

votes.   Many time they will outright shade 

the truth.

Historically, candidates have failed to 

complete our test due to the advice 

they receive from their parties and 

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ELLEN  ARTHUR  is the most exciting thing happening in local democratic politics and offers the voter a real chance to straighten out our screwed up system and bring fairness to the working voters.   If you have not yet met ELLEN please plan to attend one of her meet and greets, You will be impressed with her straight forward approach to the truth about what's wrong with our system and how to fix it.

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