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Democratic Committee Meeting

Friday, November 4, 2011

Meet, Greet Senator MARK WARNER and BERT DODSON

Meet and Greet Senator MARK WARNER and BERT DODSON Friday

Sen. Mark Warner has endorsed Bert Dodson and in a release was quoted as saying,    “As a business person, Bert has the experience we need to help create jobs and keep Virginia moving forward.”    Warner announced he would campaign across the 22nd district with Dodson as his Senate schedule allows.

Dodson called Warner a   “dedicated public servant whose leadership has been instrumental in moving our state in the right direction. I am proud and grateful to have his endorsement.”

Dodson has an extensive business background and runs a Lynchburg-headquartered company with more than 500 employees, and with 34 offices in five states.

“With my 35 years in helping to manage a family owned business, understanding how to meet the payroll, pay bills and taxes, gives me an understanding how the state should work,”    Dodson said in an interview.     He spoke about helping to create and maintain jobs with good benefits. 

“Moving our state forward,”   Dodson said,   “is more important than partisan politics.”

Bert  Dodson

FIVE days left, and we are asking each of you to commit to some serious work between now and Election Day.    A few hours, a few days, whatever you can do.     It is imperative that we squeeze out every possible vote in Amherst County.

At this point, it’s just not optional anymore.    The election is likely going to be too close for comfort.    

In order to prepare materials for your specific job and time, it is very important to contact one of our

Ora McCoy,  Appomattox Democratic Chair


DAVID BURFORD ( – 434-384-1731 or 434-841-7420

Ned Kable, Dave Burford


SKIPPER FITTS ( – 434-946-7792 or 434-316-4220

Fay Smith, Treasurer


LAURA CASTELLI ( - 434-851-4885, or,

Bert, Laura, Skipper Fitts

KODY ROZA ( - 434-851-4885


You’re encouraged to stop by Dodson HQ    (1022 Commerce St, 2nd Floor, Suite F) and see what a great team Bert has put together.

Many thanks,

Dave Burford,  Amherst Co. Democratic Chair

Your AMHERST County Democratic Committee


Friday, November 4, 2:00 – 3:00 PM   -   Meet and greet Senator Mark Warner and Virginia 22nd Senatorial District candidate Bert Dodson in Lynchburg College’s Sydnor Hall.    Have a bite to eat and talk with Bert and Mark.

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