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Democratic Committee Meeting

Monday, March 7, 2011

Amherst County Democratic Committee

Amherst County Democratic Committee Meeting Tommorow Night, March 8th at 7 pm.

To All Amherst County Democrats:

Dear Friends,

The Committee will meet at the Madison Heights Library, tomorrow, Tuesday 8th, at 7PM.    Everyone is welcome.    It's important that Precinct Reps attend (see list below).

Following a lull in activity this winter, we will begin to strengthen and organize for the fall elections - this year and in 2012.     Your participation is crucial to our success.      There are leadership positions open in most precincts, as well as officers' positions within the Committtee.

We encourage you to get involved as much, or as little, as you feel comfortable with.      Or just come and watch the democratic process in action where we can really make a difference - at the local level.

We'll spend a short time after the meeting stuffing envelopes for our annual membership mailing.     It's actually kind of fun - and an opportunity to meet fellow dems from around the county.

Remember - meeting is Tuesday the 8th, 7PM, at the Madison Heights Library.     Hope to see you there.

For the Amherst County Democratic Committee,

David Burford

Precinct Reps

101 - Wright Shop - Magnolia Braxton

102 - New Glasgow - Ned Kable, OPEN

103 - Coolwell - OPEN

201 - Court House - Mary Anne Hostetler, Alix Ingber, OPEN

202 - Temperance - Marvin Gilbert

301 - Monroe - OPEN

302 - Elon - Marita Taylor, Mary Truitt, OPEN

303 - Plsnt View - Curtis Johnson

401 - Amelon - Robert Perry, Jason Fleshman, OPEN

402 - Lonco - Francis Wayne

501 - Madison Hts - Jeff Price, Dan Hughes, Allen Freeman

This email was sent by

Amherst County Democratic Committee
PO Box 1411

Amherst County News

Please Don't Forget The Meeting

Virginia News


Lets look at the Republican budget and what it means to us here in Virginia.    It Prevents the government from implementing health reform, it rolls back critical patient protections and cost savings, and it returns control of your health care to insurance companies. Removing restrictions on how businesses operate and allowing big business and insurance companies complete control of how they deal with the public are hallmarks of the Republican Party.    The GOP also wishes to limit your ability to sue for damages when you are harmed by these companies.
Forget Early Education

It Slashes funding for preventive health services that millions of American women depend on through Planned Parenthood and eliminates 2,000 community health center jobs across Virginia. Thats 2,000 more Virginians without a job and millions of American women with nowhere to turn for help with their health services.     All thanks to the right wing Republican plan to restructure how society deals with womens issues while it pretends to deal with the deficit.
Do We Need To Spend Money on This?     We could give the rich another tax break.

It Guts investments in education and infrastructure that will grow the economy and create jobs, assuring more Virginians will be unemployeed.

It Cuts Virginia homeland security investments by $2.2 million, hindering local law enforcement's ability to keep our families safe and Drops 3,340 Virginia children from Head Start, an early-education program proven to help students thrive later on.     The Republicans hinder law enforcement as they try to keep our families safe and drop children from early education.     What do Republicans stand for?     The only thing they don't cut is the big tax breaks the rich get.

Lets face it.    If you are poor, a working person, a child in head start, unemployeed, a senior citizen or a person who has suffered injury at the hands of big business or a woman in need of health care, a homeless veteran,   THE - REPUBLICAN  - PARTY - HATES - YOU.

And across the nation it could mean nearly 1 million American jobs lost -- all without making a dent in the deficit.

Thats the Republican plan.    Isn't it time you stood up and said something to Republican leadership.    Do Republicans walk lockstep in stupidity because it the only way they can stand?    How can you guys call yourselves the Family Values Party?    You must mean the Tony Soprano mob family.

If you are a Republican in Amherst County Virginia I'm Calling You Out.     Change starts down here at the grass roots level.     Its time for you to stand up to the Leadership in the Republican Party.    They work for the wealthy and big business, they do not work for you.     Its time for you to open your eyes and use your mind because You Are Responsible for the Actions of the GOP.     We can't change the whole world but we might be able to heal the thoughtlessness of  the Republicans in Amherst County.
Oh!, Look its a Veteran.     Show him Republicans care.     Let him look at your flag pin.    Tell him you wear it all the time and move on quickly.     Someone might see you.

Refuse to accept partisan games from the GOP that will cost thousands of Virginia jobs.    Demand the TRUTH from the Republican Party.    If you have no power to bring the Republican Party into the 21st century there is an action you can consider.    It wouldn't kill you to Vote Dmocratic if thats the only way to send the message.     However you do it straighten out the lap dogs of big business known as the Republican Party.     You do yourself a dis-service associating with people like that.     Let Republican Leadership know that you mind your own business  and you allow ohers to do the same.

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