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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Republicans Wage War On Women and Powerless People

Creating Jobs Isn't On The Republican  "To Do"  List.     Destroying every benefit that the middle class and poor have  IS The Republican List.

They could have worked on creating jobs but instead Republicans Are Waging a War Against Women.     Christianity doesn't make everyone want to judge others and mind their business but the ones drawn to the republican party suffer from that disease.
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In addition to destroying jobs and threatening economic growth, the GOP spending bill eliminates Title X a program that provides life-saving health services, including HIV testing, cancer screening, blood-pressure testing, and contraceptive services for more than 5 million women (two-thirds of whom are uninsured).     The contraceptive services and supplies provided at Title X clinics are cost-effective and prevent nearly a million unintended pregnancies every year.

Once again the religious right is leading the Republican party around by the snout and for some reason if you want to take something away Republicans are up for it unless its taking back the unnecessary and unneeded tax breaks for the rich and big business.
                                                                                               Democratic News 
What Makes John tear up and cry?      We tested him and NONE of the 70 things on the list further down the page affected him at all.    He can take things away from women and poor people all day long and be as unmoved as a stone stature.      Someone mentioned clawing back the tax break that millionaires got and katie bar the door, we needed a whole box of tissures just to tone John down.    He was shakey for the rest of the day.    He really identifies with the people who fund his campaigns.

Somewhere along the way a division started to show, educated and intellegent people were attracted to the Democratic Party and those oherwise inclined were not. The split grew and grew and that gets us to today and the polarized enviroment that governing must live in.

I don't know the solution but a comedian named Ron White has built a whole act around the phrase  "You Can't Fix Stupid".    The one thing I'm sure of is the Republican Party doesn't spend a moment of their time trying to educate their flock.     It doesn't matter how goofy your views are if you'll pull the lever for the GOP they will pander to you.      They will even attack health care for women for you to get your twisted vote.
Democratic News
I called Ron to find out if there was any way to "fix stupid" he might have run across since putting that bit in his show.     He spoke to me from his suite in Vegas where he was opening to sold out houses.     Ron said  "No You Can't Fix Stupid but You Can Elect It" and that appears to be what you folks have done with Bob Goodlatte.    He suggested two years from last election we correct the mistake.    I think he identified the correct answer.

All of us alive today were born of woman.    The great tale of the Bible is of virgin birth, not womanless birth.    Mary was needed to bring about the miracle.     When these Republicans attack health care for women they are attacking our Mothers, Daughters, Wives and other beloved female family members and friends.     When a poor woman is denied health care her life span is affected and the life of her child is at risk.     I am not willing to sacrafice women on the alter of right wing christian beliefs.     Its time for these religious terriost to mind their own business and time for the republican party to stand for something and stop attacking everything. 

Republicans can draw a crowd of people who want to attack womens rights and availability to receive health care.     A crowd
that wants to take benefits away from working class and poor people so they can advance the lot in life of the upper 2% of society.       The Bottom Line,  If you earn over a quarter of a million dollrs a year you can afford to kick in an extra couple of percent to the tax man when the country is going thru hard times.
Eliminating Title X funding isn’t fiscally responsible and the people pushing it have another agenda.     For every dollar invested in family planning services, taxpayers save $4.     It will not reduce the United States bottom line, it will add to it.     It may please the right wing religious busybodies of the republican party to impose their ideas of right and wrong on others but it won't solve the defecit.

Gutting womens health services is but one of seaventy cuts the Republicans propose.

Make no mistake, these cuts are not low-hanging fruit.     These cuts are real and will impact every district across the country - including Amherst County.     Two wars and a defense budget that is out of control and the rich paying the lowest tax rates in the history of the United States and look at what the Republicans want to cut.     Read down the list, something is sure to grab your attention.     How about funds for Job Training Programs?     Or funding for Food Safety and Inspection Services,   don't we have enough food illnesses to need this?     Why does partisanship trump common sense?

The List of 70 Spending Cuts Proposed by Republicans follows:

  Flood Control and Coastal Emergencies -$30M

· Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy -$899M

· Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability -$49M

· Nuclear Energy -$169M

· Fossil Energy Research -$31M

· Clean Coal Technology -$18M

· Strategic Petroleum Reserve -$15M

· Energy Information Administration -$34M

· Office of Science -$1.1B

· Power Marketing Administrations -$52M

· Department of Treasury -$268M

· Internal Revenue Service -$593M

· Treasury Forfeiture Fund -$338M

· GSA Federal Buildings Fund -$1.7B

· ONDCP -$69M

· International Trade Administration -$93M

· Economic Development Assistance -$16M

· Minority Business Development Agency -$2M

· National Institute of Standards and Technology -$186M

· NOAA -$336M

· National Drug Intelligence Center -$11M

· Law Enforcement Wireless Communications -$52M

· US Marshals Service -$10M

· FBI -$74M

· State and Local Law Enforcement Assistance -$256M

· Juvenile Justice -$2.3M

· COPS -$600M

· NASA -$379M

· NSF -$139M

· Legal Services Corporation -$75M

· EPA -$1.6B

· Food Safety and Inspection Services -$53M

· Farm Service Agency -$201M

· Agriculture Research -$246M

· Natural Resource Conservation Service -$46M

· Rural Development Programs -$237M

· WIC -$758M

· International Food Aid grants -$544M

· FDA -$220M

· Land and Water Conservation Fund -$348M

· National Archives and Record Service -$20M

· DOE Loan Guarantee Authority -$1.4B


· EPA GHG Reporting Registry -$9M

· USGS -$27M

· EPA Cap and Trade Technical Assistance -$5M

· EPA State and Local Air Quality Management -$25M

· Fish and Wildlife Service -$72M

· Smithsonian -$7.3M

· National Park Service -$51M

· Clean Water State Revolving Fund -$700M

· Drinking Water State Revolving Fund -$250M

· EPA Brownfields -$48M

· Forest Service -$38M

· National Endowment for the Arts -$6M

· National Endowment for the Humanities -$6M

· Job Training Programs -$2B

· Community Health Centers -$1.3B

· Maternal and Child Health Block Grants -$210M

· Family Planning -$327M

· Poison Control Centers -$27M

· CDC -$755M

· NIH -$1B

· Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services -$96M

· LIHEAP Contingency fund -$400M

· Community Services Block Grant -$405M

· High Speed Rail -$1B

· FAA Next Gen -$234M

· Amtrak -$224M

· HUD Community Development Fund -$530M

Several bills addressing Title X have been introduced in the 112thCongress.

H.R. 217, the Title X Abortion Provider Prohibition Act, and S. 96, the Title X Family Planning Act, would prohibit Title X grants to abortion-performing entities.

H.R. 408 and S. 178, both called the Spending Reduction Act of 2011, would eliminate the Title X program.

H.R. 1 would eliminate funding for Title X for the remainder of FY2011.    Three amendments (335, 386 and 505) to H.R. 1 would strike the language eliminating funds for Title X.     Amendment no. 335 to H.R. 1 would maintain FY2011 funding to Title X at the FY2010 level of $317.491 million.     Amendment no. 11 to H.R. 1 would prohibit the bill's funds from being made available “for any purpose” to the Planned Parenthood Federation of America or to any of 102 Planned Parenthood affiliates and offices listed in the amendment.

You can follow and watch these House and Senate Bills here with just a click of your mouse.     Don't be thrown off by the Title of the Bill or Senate Resolution, politicians will stick an ammendment on any piece of legislation moving unless the rules specifically prohibit it.     A great many thing get passed that almost no one is aware of and thats the way these guys like it.     The less we know the more they like it.    

Our inability to follow what they are doing allows them to take special interest money and serve that master and most times we are unaware.     If the parties wished to play it straight they would eliminte the adding of ammendments not directly related to the original bill.     They haven't done that and they haven't done it on purpose.


Amherst County Virginia Democratic News will try to keep you informed and is constantly looking for widgets and services that keep you on top of the things the politicians are doing.      The Informed Voter is A Democratic Vote.
                                                                                              Democratic News

ACVDN Bottom Line.     Ron White appears in this posting completely beyond the scope of his personal knowledge and yet we thank him anyway.     (and hope he never finds out)

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