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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Republicans Are Lying Scum

Wake up and smell the coffee.
I Was A Great President

Republicans are lying scum who refuse to accept responsibility for killing the American economy.     Here are the facts.
ACV Democratic News
Its Not My Fault the Economy Tanked

When he took office in 2001, George W. Bush inherited the strongest economy in American history.     He inherited the largest federal budget surplus in American history -- and the prospect of paying off the entire national debt in just eight years.     He inherited a strong dollar and sound fiscal policy.     He inherited a nation whose economy was so strong that commentators who just a decade before were predicting American decline were now complaining about American dominance.
                                                                 ACV Democratic News
8 Years of Leadership

And yet, Bush blew it.     Bush and the republicans lost everything.    They squandered everything he'd inherited from President Clinton.     He channeled the wealth of America to the pockets of his wealthy supporters and big business.    George Bush couldn't care less.      Conservative republicans couldn't care less.       Amherst County republicans couldn't care less.     Republicans did it and republicans are still lying about it.     The GOP is a failed party, they have failed America.
                                                                                                 ACV Democratic News
Pop Said I Did A Good Job

Bush talked down the economy for his short-term political gain, then passed an economic program that has put 1.8 million Americans out of work and cost investors $4.4 trillion.     He abandoned his free-trade rhetoric to adopt protectionist tariffs, effectively raising taxes on consumers.      Bush walked away from needed investments in education, training, and all the things that make us smarter, safer, and stronger economically.     The Bush Plan was to cripple Social Security and to allow the privileged to avoid even more taxes.     As an Amherst County Republican you didn't notice a dam thing, thats par for the course you walk.
                                                                                            ACV Democratic News
Think You Could Have Done Better?

Republicans have lots of foul mouth things to say about President Obama but look at what republicans left for him to work with.     Just imagine where we as a nation would be if Bush had stayed on track and paid off the debt.      President Clinton worked hard and struggled and left our country in a great position to become debt free.      Clinton had surpluses and balanced budgets in multiple years.      Republicans talk big and accomplish Nohing.
                                                                                             ACV Democratic News
I'm Reading This Book

Surpluses and balanced budgets are just words that roll out of republican pie holes, just republican hot air.      Something the GOP talks about and never does.     Its not funny but just talking about it is good enough for republican voters.      In two short years in office President Obama has created more jobs than Bush did in 8 years.    Obama has to do all the things Republicans negelected to do in their eight years plus cover his years as well.     Guess what, President Obama is doing it even though Republicans are obstructing his every move.     The only way Republicans can lie their way out of responsibility for their massive failure is to make sure no one succeeds.                              ACV Democratic News
Mighty Republican Hero

You spineless local Amherst republicans are helping the GOP tell their lies but that's not going to continue to happen in secret.    You are going to have to claim the lie in public from now on.    You are going to be saddled with the responsibility for your partisan actions.      When you call for cutting money to schools and cutting teachers salaries.....When you call for cuts to Social Security and Medicare.....When you call for an end to unemployeement insurance.....When you want to tax the poor and middle class so the Upper 2% can thrive.....When you cut money for job training......
ACVDN will tell your story.  
                                                                                              ACV Democratic News  
Being President Made My Life Better

Some of you will wake up and stop supporting republican actions that go against your interest and the interest of your families.     Some of you will never wise up until you are dirt poor and the republican party pitches you like a dixie cup to the side of the road.      I'm not waiting till the GOP pitches you to the side of the road to tell you that you are weak minded I'm telling you now.    The GOP will prove it to you later but I'm telling you now.
                                                                                            ACV Democratic News
America Loves Me

Amherst County Republicans are OK with blancing the budget on the backs of the poor and middle class.      Republicans in Amherst County will accept anything-anything-anything the GOP does and tell any lie to justify the republican action.      What thse folks won't do is demand the GOP get its act straight and act like adults.    Amherst County Republicans won't call for big business and the rich to pay their fair share of taxes.     Local republicans are unthinking worker drones to the party, never questioning and always accepting any silly GOP story.
                                                                                                  ACV Democratic News
You Democrats Are Hurting My Feelings

To this point Amherst County Democrats and Independents and folks who aren't registered and don't vote have let republicans slide.     Our apathy has allowed the republicans to backslide away from humanity to the point they are thoughtless animals.      We must now nail them for their actions and hold them accountable for the acts they commit against the others living in this community.      We must dog republicans until they decide to rejoin the human race.     They have chosen to be scum but they can be motivated to rise above their GOP ways.
                                                                                              ACV Democratic News
He Said It Was A Slam Dunk

Over time Democrats will get this train called America back on track and moving in a forward direction.     We will do it in spite of republicans who spend their every moment trying to cut taxes for the wealthy and destroying benefits for the poor and middle class. The GOP obstructs every action that might help the country or its working people.     They can't and won't fix it themselves and refuse to let the Democrats fix it for fear someone might give Democrats credit for the fix.                            ACV Democratic News
Barney Will Live In My Library

The best thing republicans can do for the country would be to disappear.     They do not represent normal people.     They champion the wealthy and big business.     They reward big business with tax breaks for moving American jobs to third world countries. They stand for absolutely nothing that has value to normal working people.     Republicans want to lower wages and restrict unions and do away with regulations on worker safety an enviromental protection.     Driven by greed the Republican Party is destroying the American Dream.               ACV Democratic News
I'll Write Books, Give Speeches, Get Rich Like Bill Clinton

All of the above is bad enough but here's the real big deal. Uninformed voters are supporting the GOP thinking that they are being represented by the republicans.     Democrats have to stand up and offend republicans if necessary to get their attention.    Years ago republicans could think and they worked with others to govern the country.     They were a party that put the country first.    Yes, the country first.     Even ahead of their business friends and monetary masters.     Along the way things got out of hand and now the republican party is owned and controlled by big buiness.     The GOP has zero plans to do anything for working, middle class and poor people.                      ACV Democratic News
Things Are Fine At My House

Democrats have to lay the story out in all of its hard cold reality and wake republicans up to what is going on.     We don't have too long left before big banks, big business and wall street own the whole entire country.     The Republicans who voted with and supported the GOP will be just like the workers and the poor.     They will have nothing but low wage jobs and meager lives.     The only difference, the republicans were dim witted enough to help with their own demise.                 ACV Democratic News
Not Easy To Replace

If you're wasting your vote on the republican party you need to take a look at what the GOP is doing.     They are raising taxes on you so that big business and the upper 2% can have a tax break.     They want to cut the deficit by taking away benefits from workers, they want to balance the budget on your back.      Republicans want to end Social Security, Medicare, Unemployeement Insurance and Health benefits for Women.      How ignorant are you to support their agenda?                           ACV Democratic News
This Is The Salute Karl Asked Me Not To Do

If YOU vote for republicans YOU support all the evil things mentioned.     George W. Bush was the straw that broke America's economic back and he did it by adhering to right wing conservative republican principles.    Don't listen to the lies they verbalize, look at their actions and the results.     You weren't granted a parking permit for your brain by life, the republicans did that for you.    If you're mad as hell after reading the truth, thats great.     It takes some small usage of grey matter to get mad.     Now that a little blood is flowing in that unused region you are on your way to becoming a good citizen.                   ACV Democratic News
You Have Soft Hands

Here is the last truth for you today.    I will tell you the secret of how George W. Bush got elected and it doesn't have a thing to do with Al Gore.    The religious right and the pseudo religious right wing republicans pitched such a bitch about President Clinton's sexual misbehavior in office that they elected a bumbling republican idiot who didn't have the talent to run a car wash.
                                                                                               ACV Democratic News 
Laura Doesn't Let Me Do Interviews Anymore

George W. Bush makes Jimmy Carter look like a GOD.     GWB is to this point in history the worst piece of trash to ever occupy the White House but as far as you know he behaved himself with the help.     Even though he trashed the country republicans think he was great.                              Virginia Democratic News
Its Me On One Of Them Obama Posters
Virginia Democratic News
Top Republican Pick

ACVDN BOTTOM LINE      This blog is written for REAL Democrats in the Democratic Wing of the Democratic Party.   
An Informed Voter is a Democratic Vote.
Amherst County Virginia Democratic News

2012 Republican Candidates for President
                                                                                             Amherst Democratic News
The Rents Too Dam High

Perennial candidate Jimmy McMillan from New York is the only announced Republican Candidte to throw his hat in the ring for the 2012 Presidential Race.                     Amherst Democratic News
These Republicans Are Scum

On December 23, 2010, McMillan announced on Revolution Radio that he will seek the Republican nomination for President. McMillan, a registered Democrat and founder of the non-qualified Rent Is Too Damn High Party,  stated he wanted to avoid a Democratic primary and would switch to the Republican Party to run.

These Republicans are thinking of running but won't make their minds up for months.

1   Romney, Mitt    35%

2   Paul, Ron    11%

3   Pawlenty, Tim    8%

4   Palin, Sarah    7%

5   Johnson, Gary E.    6%

6   Bachmann, Michele    5%

7   DeMint, Jim    5%

8   Cain, Herman    4%

9   Christie, Chris    3%

10    Santorum, Rick    3%

11    Daniels, Mitch    3%

12    Gingrich, Newt    3%

13    Huckabee, Mike    3%

14    Pence, Mike    3%

15    Thune, John    2%

16    Trump, Donald    2%

17    Huntsman, Jr., Jon    1%

18    Barbour, Haley    1%

19    Karger, Fred    0.40%

20   Reagan, Ronald (Ghost Of)    0.39%

21    Romer, Buddy    0.38%

22    Guiliani, Rudy    0.14%

23    Bolton, John R.    0.13%

24    West, Allen    0.09%

25    Ryan, Paul    0.08%

26    Rubio, Marco    0.07%

27    Perry, Rick    0.06%

28    Pence, Mike    0.05%

29    Paladino, Carl    0.04%

30    DeMint, Jim    0.03%

31    McDonnell, Bob    0.02%

32    Corker, Bob    0.01%

33    Angle, Sharron    0.0094%

34    Keys, Allen    0.0071%

Scott Brown, Jeb Bush, Bobby Jindal, Rand Paul, David Petraeus, Eric Cantor, Dick Cheney, Tom Coburn, John Cornyn, Charlie Crist, John Ensign, Luis Fortuño, Judd Gregg, Steve King, Stanley McChrystal, George Pataki, Bob Riley, Mark Sanford, Joe Scarborough, Gary Sinise, Clarence Thomas, Meg Whitman and Joe Arpaio are thinking about forming a committee to think about the possibility that they might decide to enter the race.     There are 124 other Republicans threatening to run but they are virtual unknowns (but big deals on right wing radio) and I don't have percentages for their popularity within the GOteaParty.

The only republican not running is John McCain and his position on the matter shift several times a day.     John said yesterday he was never a maverick and last week he said he was thinking of getting into politics.      If McCain would just keep his mouth shut his staff would carry him like the staffs of the other old time, hanging on forever, Senators and Congressmen of both parties.

Virginia Democratic News    

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  1. Amen brother! it is SO nice to see somebody finally telling it the way it is.Working citizens who vote republican ARE voting against their own best interests and future.Republican scum in this country need to be expelled or executed,because they are destroying this country


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