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Democratic Committee Meeting

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Oh What A Democratic Meeting

The Amherst County Democratic Committee
Met and I've got some pictures to share but first a reminder about the next meeting.     The second tuesday of April, it falls on the 12th, 7pm, mark it down and check ACVDN for the location and any news about special guests.
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Former Amherst County Sheriff     M. Bryant
Everyone rememberd fondly Sheriff Bryants years of sevice to the county and the crowd was excited to see him.     The Sheriff helped us put a mailing together and paid some dues himself.     If anyone knows what it means to stand up, protect and serve it is Sheriff Bryant.                                   Democratic News

Take a look at that group hard at work.    I don't think they even noticed their picture was being taken.     You're looking at a dynamatic team working to promote Democratic Values on the local level.                              Democratic News

We elected some new officers and they have firm ideas on how to do their jobs and accomplish the mission.      Above is Edward E. "Ned" Kable who will be in charge of the data base and generate lists as required and below is Fay Smith who became Treasurer and also advanced some solid ideas on training new members.
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Dave Bueford emerged from our winter break relaxed, rejuvinated and just as pleased as punch at the thought that there will be no more snow to shovel until next winter.      Dave looks like he could slay a dragon and as our Chairman and leader we will probably ask him to.    Thats a good looking beard.
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Jeff Price talked about addressing matters in an ultra timely matter and getting the slate clean and the team agreed with and adopted his thoughts on the matter as standard operating procedure from this point on.
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Mrs. Braxton shown here with Fay Smith is active in her church and had received a call for a church meeting that conflicted with our meeting and decided to join us.     She is a valuable lady and we are pleased to have her help but we can't count on winning that coin toss every time.     The wonderful thing about people who volenteer and help others is that they do it over and over so they are quite often busy people.     Many of our members are also active with other groups.     Mrs. Braxton is a Great Lady.
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Lets look at some more busy people who give their time to help others.     Look closely at the faces in these photos because you are looking at America and you are seeing people who struggle every day to make The Dream real for all people.     You are gazing upon Democrats.     Give some consideration to joining us.    You will be welcomed with open arms and with your help we will make the world a better place for generations yet to come.    Spend your energies on actions you can be proud of.     Join us April 12th at 7pm for our next meeting.
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I've got lots more pictures and I'll be running them to spice up the regular old political news and to illustrate local stories.     I thought we had a meaningfull meeting and developed a good game plan to deal with the challenges ahead. 
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Ned and Skipper Fitts make plans for Democratic tommorows.    Skipper Fitts is a certified workhorse and we all send him our thanks for all the things he does to help Amherst County Democrats.
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Take Care and Thank You for Attending this Months Meeting of The Amherst County Democratic Committee.  
Amherst County Virginia Democratic News
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Welcome to Amherst County, Virginia

1761 - 2011

Celebrating 250 years

Amherst County Sesquibicentennial

Now if you had attended this months meeting of the Amherst County Democratic Committee Mrs. Kable would have taught you to say this word SESQUIBICENTENNIAL.     It means Amherst County is 2 and a half centuries old and Mrs. Kable is on the committee getting up the celebration.     She's a very nice lady, it doesn't bother her if you say 250 years old instead of the big word. Mrs. Kable did so well teaching us how to say the word that our new Treasurer Fay Smith figured out the word we will need in 50 years when Amherst County turns 300.

Amherst County was formed in 1761, from parts of Albemarle County.     The county was named for Sir Jeffrey Amherst, known as the "Conqueror of Canada".      Jeffrey Amherst was named Governor of Virginia, although he never came to the colony. 

Native Americans were the first humans to populate the area.    They hunted and fished mainly along the countless rivers and streams in Amherst County.     With the establishment of the Virginia Colony in 1607, English emigrants arrived in North America.     By the late 1600's English explorers and traders traveled up the James River to our area.     Early trading posts formed between 1710 and 1720.     By 1730, many new families moved into the land currently known as Amherst County drawn by the desire for land and the good tobacco-growing soil.

In 1761, Amherst County was formed from the southern half of Albemarle County.     The original county seat had been in Cabelsville, now Colleen in what would later become Nelson County.     The county was named for Sir Jeffrey Amherst who commanded the British forces that successfully secured Canada from the French.     In 1807 the Amherst County assumed its present proportions when Nelson County was formed from its northern half.     At that point, the county seat was moved to the village of Five Oaks, later renamed Amherst.      The present county courthouse was built in 1870 and has served the county ever since.

In the early days, the major crop raised in Amherst County was tobacco.    Apple orchards were part of mixed farming that replaced tobacco, especially in the late 19th century.     Timber, mining and milling were also important industries.     The introduction of the railroad in the late 19th century greatly influenced the county's growth.     Amherst county contains many good examples of 18th, 19th and early 20th century rural and small town architecture.    The downtown area of Amherst is a classic example of early 20th century commercial architecture.
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At the Meeting a letter taking Bob Goodlatte to task for being worthless was discussed so here is that letter.

By The News & Advance

Published: March 08, 2011
                                                                                                 Democratic News
A conservative or a regressive?

Here are some definitions from the American Heritage Dictionary that I found interesting.    Conservative: “Favoring traditional views and values; tending to oppose change.”    Progressive: “Moving forward, advancing.    Promoting or favoring progress toward better conditions or new policies, ideas or methods.”

On the March 6 Op/Ed page, our representative, Bob Goodlatte, talks the great talk on balancing the budget.    On the same page, Ken Burns relates as to how important PBS is and how it is the only television source of true and unbiased news.    Goodlatte is against funding public TV and public radio.     He wants to “balance the budget.”

Does he?   Refer to the paper of the same date on page A2.     In “How They Voted,” we learn he voted in favor of funding “The Bridge to Nowhere,” a complete waste of federal funds …(“Sarah Palin’s Alaska”).     That’s not all; he also voted against suspending tax breaks for large energy companies, at a time when funds are sorely needed to aid the “little people” and the needy, not the profits of giant corporations.    Does he “walk the walk”?    I think not.

The financial shape that we are in can be attributed, for the most part to the “conservatives.”    The largest reason, as Dwight Eisenhower (the only Republican who I have ever voted for) proclaimed, is the military/industrial complex.    This is one large area of what keeps the ball rolling toward more deficit spending in the funding of the congressional undeclared wars (plural) in the Mideast.

A good read is “ War is a Racket,” written by Gen. Smedley Butler, USMC.     He was awarded not one, but two Medals of Honor, the nation’s highest military decoration.    “War is a Racket” can be found on the Internet.

Check the websites — Virginiagov, and — to see the voting record of the politicians who vote for the good of the diminishing middle-class American and those that do not.

I am proud to be a progressive.    Is Goodlatte a conservative ? Perhaps.    A better term for him and most conservatives, though, would be “regressives.”     The same dictionary states that regression is “relapse to a less perfect or developed state.”

On the same page of this dictionary is the definition of “regurgitate.”


ACVDN Bottom Line
Attend monthly meetings of the Amherst County Democratic Committee.     Always the second tuesday of each month at 7pm.
Read this blog for meeting locations and information on speakers and special guest.     You can leave comments at the bottom of each post.    Share your thoughts leave a comment.

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